Keep Up With Search Trends

Because of the multitude of factors determining online behavior, Search is always in a state of flux. The SEO game is constantly changing, and keeping up on industry trends is incredibly important. At iAcquire, we’re committed to always staying in the loop, and knowing what trends in search affect our clients — and which ones they should be taking advantage of. Examining search trends across industries gives us an invaluable head start, and is a major element of every search campaign that we run. We’ve always got our eyes on the charts, examining what people are searching for, and when. That sort of attentiveness allows us to create digital strategies that are always forward looking, with one foot firmly planted in the present. Search is a real-time game, and we’re on it.

Search Visualization

Take a glimpse through our eyes at macro trends in search volatility by industry. Get a sense of the trends we pay attention to, specifically how industries react in relation to one another in search — what industries are stable, and which are volatile? When you’re as committed to search as we are, every detail matters. Take a look at our interactive search volume visualization, and learn why we love search as much as we do.

Our Methods

After evaluating several SERP volatility tools, we knew we could come up with something better that tells a story about industry rank changes compared to the recent past. STAT Search Analytics was the obvious choice, with the STAT Codex tool constantly streaming rich data. Using the STAT Codex, we harnessed the ability to track over 75,000 keywords on a daily basis, meticulously tagged and organized by industry.

We based our analysis on a method of analyzing stock price fluctuations. The result is a visualization that shows the measure of recent volatility in addition to the current volatility for each day. Here’s how to read it: the thicker the flow around the line, the more volatile the rankings have been during the preceding 5 days. Each day’s visualization shows the average absolute position changes across each site in the industry for that day. Feel free to geek out.

Industries Visually

Top Industries




Autos & Vehicles

Other Industries

  • Fashion & Style
  • Insurance
  • News
  • Sports
  • Hotels & Accommodations
  • Nutrition & Fitness