Meet iRank

iAcquire’s Secret Weapon

At the core of our process is iRank™, a proprietary enterprise SEO and content marketing platform unmatched by any other agency. SEO technology gives us the insight to boost your brand’s rankings on Google and other search engines and untimately, bring you a higher volume of quality traffic. In simple terms, iRank helps iAcquire develop, implement and merge SEO and content strategy efforts efficiently and to scale, with the added value of exceptional organization and reporting techniques. How do we do it? Here’s a sneak peek.


Curating Publisher Sites

SEO is about way more than keyword ranking. And our off-page SEO process is completely unique to the industry, thanks to our finely tuned research technique. iRank™ features a powerful data engineering algorithm capable of crawling thousands of media websites and unique pages across the internet in just seconds. Custom crawls can be activated against search results data, domain backlinks, meta data, and other unique sources relevant to the users in your market. Once web page data has been retrieved, iRank™ executes a series of API calls and custom data lookups to gather pertinent SEO and social metrics for each web page and root domain discovered, which determine how each search engine discovers and ranks your page.

These factors include but are not limited to:

  • MozRank
  • Domain Authority
  • Host Rank (Blekko)
  • Total Inbound Links
  • Unique Inbound Links
  • Domain Search Traffic
  • Number of Ranking Keywords
  • Tweets
  • +1
  • SERP rank

SEO Reporting

Every Detail That Matters

We’ve integrated an editorial calendar, which ties together our client’s promotional calendar, our content management system, and our writer and editorial team. A detailed process for managing authors, editors, and creative producers is built in. All content and creative properties are stored within iRank, and are easily accessible for the research and outreach teams.

Campaign Tracking

Analytics that Sing

We’re big on accountability. That’s why we’ve designed detailed campaign tracking for every client account and iAcquire employee. This gives us granular and global insights. Those are important to have when you’re working for the world’s greatest brands. We use campaign tracking data to set quantifiable expectations, and give our customers total transparency.

Content Management

Workflow and Placement

In addition to campaign tracking, we track local and/or global keyword ranking for every client. Keyword grouping and category management is built-in for easy management. Reports can be customized to run as frequently as required. iAcquire account management teams ensure important keywords are setup for tracking, and iRank can track up to 5,000 keywords.


Building Key Relationships

Our professional relationship development staff works with generated reports to curate qualified prospect lists. Once a list has been developed, iRank makes outreach easy. Email systems are fully integrated and collaborative, allowing us to manage the research and outreach process in one system, improving efficiency, communication, and outreach organization.

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