Quantifying Outreach

What We Learned from Analyzing 300,000 Outreach Emails

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The Definitive Outreach Link Building Study

Behind every result for a competitive query listed on a search engine results page (SERP) lies a latticework of links propping up its visibility. For every Search Engine Optimization practitioner obtaining links is continually challenging and leads to many to commit acts that are specifically against Google's Webmaster Guidelines. Therefore masterful link building is a skill that will continue to be in high demand as long as modern search engines rely on links as editorial votes of confidence when ranking pages across the web.

Outreach link building is difficult. Using your own or your client's content as bait you must convince a number of people that you have no prior relationship with to take a real world action that benefits you or your client. In the eyes of modern search engines link popularity and relevance are issues of quantity as well as quality.

At iAcquire we've developed a scalable software solution called iRank to aid in site prospecting, performing outreach, tracking and reporting. In 2011, we sent a total of 216,554 outreach including 70,393 initial emails that resulted in the placement of 3,319 quality-assured links on behalf of our customers.

We've reached out to the good people at Buzzstream who then contacted their customers to ensure it was okay to provide a few anonymized data points well within the restrictions of their privacy policy. This allowed for more diversified insights beyond our own otherwise highly regimented, scientific and surgical approach to link building.

iAcquire conducted this study on outreach link building practices to bring about standardized rates of return for the various features of outreach emails in hopes that link building specialists can optimize their own efforts.

A snapshot of what you'll learn:

  • How does the industry leader in link building prospect sites?
  • Which gender performs best?
  • Long or short emails, what performs best?
  • When you don’t have a name what works better a generic salutation with or without the site name?
  • How did correspondence that began from Twitter perform?

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