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Digital Strategy

We've got a lot of tools in our digital marketing belts. SEO is just the beginning.

Market Research

Market research paints a detailed picture of your target audience. Our Market Research

Strategic Planning

We build strategies around your strategies, with no interruption. Our Strategic Planning

Competitive Analysis

Tracking competitors is the first step. Beating them is the second. Our Competitive Analysis

Content Strategy

Content guides your user. Learn how we guide your content. Our Content Strategy

Detailed market research gives puts you face-to-face with your target audience.

Market Research

Market research is at the heart of everything we do. We find the people who are actually searching in your space and tell you who they are, what they want, and how they behave. Just call it a head start — or state-of-the-art market research. Whichever you prefer.

Forget Google for a Second. (Seriously.)

Let’s talk about your customer. The one you have. The one you want. Let’s talk.

Using a rich array of market research and SEO tools we identify all of the major segments of your audience. As part of our digital marketing resources, we present you with a report that includes your target personas, with detailed information about their demographics, online behavior, and search patterns. And here’s the cool part: we figure out what your audience responds to, and build that into all of our recommendations.

Understanding the Person Behind the Search

Market research is the first step in every part of our digital strategy and SEO deliverables — no matter how big or small the job. We use it to inform everything we do. That way your entire search and digital strategy is geared toward your audience with your goals in mind. Our process turns searchers into visitors, visitors into leads, and leads into customers. And it’s all thanks to market research. (Thanks, market research!)

Market Research Tools

Experian Simmons, Nielsen Prizm, and Google Analytics — among other tools — give us a rich profile of your actual user based on extensive behavioral research, survey information, and analytics data.

We work with what's already working, and improve what isn't.

Strategic Planning

Cross-channel marketing is tough, and requires serious planning to not get wires crossed. At iAcquire we believe that being effective with Search requires cross-channel strategy built by subject matter experts that understand integration. Our expert consultants work closely together to integrate every strategy seamlessly across their various disciplines, including search, social media, content strategy, and market research.

We Learn Your Product, Your Market, and Your Needs

To build an effective strategy, we start by learning everything there is to know about your business. First, we learn about your needs, goals, and business objectives. Then we form an in-depth understanding your products, so that we can present you to your audience in a way that clearly reflects the culture of your business and industry. Understanding who you are and what you do helps us create strategies that are tailored to fit your product and your consumer.

Crossing Channels, Not Wires

Organic search is necessary for brands, but we understand that sometimes paid search is needed as well. Our work doesn’t get in the way of that, but actually complements the strategies in place that are already working. We listen to your priorities, and build organic search strategies that align with your needs.

iAcquire’s in-house capabilities allow us to build an end-to-end solution with Search at its core, or build a supplemental strategy that plays nicely with other initiatives. We’re flexible, even if you can’t be.

Competitive analysis sets the bar for your campaign.

Competitive Analysis

Big wins in search and social media are difficult to achieve when your competitors keep moving the goalpost. Understanding why your competitors outperform you (and why you outperform other competitors) is a key step in developing a comprehensive strategy.

Search is Not a Zero-Sum Game

Competitive Analysis is a highly-detailed examination of the digital properties of your search competitors to develop key insights for use in the creation of a successful strategy. We believe you can yield results from focusing on those sites who outperform you in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), rather than tracking just your traditional offline competitors. We also believe that competitive analysis is a continuous process, not a one-time deliverable. Our dashboard in iRank allows you to check real-time competitive analysis at any time.

Competitive Analysis is a Continuous Process

When performing competitive analysis we examine a variety of on- and off-page Search and Social Media factors and compare them to competitors on a scale of 1-4. It is best to benchmark competitive analysis quarterly, although at iAcquire we review competitors continuously and can set custom alerts for when your competition crosses a certain threshold. That keeps you, and us, ahead of the game – putting your brand at the very front of the pack.

Great content is relevant, helpful and compelling. Search engines love that. Your customers love that.

Content Strategy

Content is everything that goes on your website. From the 'about' page to the enrollment form, everything that lives on your site is content. This, what you're reading now, is content. Somebody thought about it, wrote it, and loved it. We call that content strategy.

Visualizing Successful Content

Content strategy is an essential ingredient to any marketing campaign, and the earlier it can be integrated the better. Our content strategists optimize your content to meet your key business objectives. We ensure that everything living on your site speaks to the target personas revealed in our market research, driving those users toward your specified goals.

Content That Creates Action

There are many components to a well-managed strategy: We generally begin with a content audit, accounting for all of your current content, determining what works and what doesn’t. Then we generate content recommendations for content that needs improvement, or develop new content from scratch. If you already have a team in place, we also offer consultation to help your in-house copywriters develop content that shines in search.

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Organic Search

Mastering organic search means taking control of your online business. Meet your customers halfway.

On-Page Seo

From search to sale, On-Page SEO optimizes your site for success. Our On-Page Work

Off-Page SEO

We build natural links to boost your site's rankings in search. Our Off-Page Work

Reputation Management

Your search results say a lot about you. Let the good stuff shine. Our Reputation Management

On-Page SEO is about optimizing every point of your site that determines the success or failure of your business.

On-Page Seo

On-Page SEO is the process of optimizing every element of your website from the inside, rather than building links from the outside, to increase your visibility and rankings for target keywords in search. But increasing search ranking and site performance is as much about optimizing your business processes as it is your actual website. That’s our specialty.

The Technical End

There’s no getting around it. SEO is at its core a very technical business. There’s a long list of technical issues that influence how search engine spiders crawl and index your site. If any of them are out of commission (or even just slightly off) your search rankings can plummet.

We start by conducting a technical audit, diagnosing your site’s problems and identifying how you can improve your performance. We then work with your tech team to implement our custom solutions, and follow up with implementation audits to make sure everything went smoothly.

Content at the Core

Once your site’s technical troubles are solved, we dive into your content. Our content strategists examine every corner of your site to make sure that everything is optimized for search and user experience. We don’t just believe in increasing your rankings, but actually raising the bar of quality on your content so that users convert once they get to your site.

Our end goal is not just to optimize the content on your site, but to optimize your online business processes — from how your customer finds the site to how they click ‘purchase.’ Revenue isn’t a buzzword. No conversation about your brand is complete without it.

Off-Page SEO strategy puts your site in a good neighborhood, with links that bring you the right sort of traffic and boost your rankings.

Off-Page SEO

The art of Off-Page SEO lies in influencing the multitude of factors outside of your website that influence your search rankings. Earning links from high-quality, relevant sources is still the most important – but Off-Page SEO is much more than just links.

Acquiring Natural Links

To do well in Off-Page SEO, your brand needs well-conceived plans and tightly managed processes. Links don’t appear out of nowhere – even if you’re doing everything else right.

iAcquire has it down to a science – seriously. Based on painstaking persona research and fueled by our iRank™ technology, iAcquire delivers a diversified set of earned media placements to our clients — utilizing content marketing, social outreach, and digital PR. Our campaign strategies are bolstered by dynamic content creation and personal outreach. Our team of over 100 Off-Page SEO specialists is comprised of experts within each discipline: outreach, placement, quality assurance, reporting and client services.

Social Signals

Social signals continue to take an increasingly important role in designating trust and authority to search algorithms. An inbound link that comes from a page that is corroborated by Likes, Tweets, +1’s, and other social signals is naturally more trustworthy and thereby more influential to algorithmic search engines. Our solutions tailor content marketing goals around social media bookmarking (Reddit, Stumble, Digg) and social networking (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook) interest. Targeting the right sites, the right bloggers and editors, and conducting managed outreached services is at the heart of our Off-Page SEO Strategy.

Don't let someone else take control of your brand's online reputation.

Reputation Management

The success of your brand is made or broken on the first page of search results. If there are negative results showing up on your important keywords (particularly branded ones), then that means someone else has taken up real estate on your brand space. With Reputation Management, you can take that space back by optimizing pages that show your brand off in the best possible light.

Out With The Bad Air

It all starts with identification. Using established SEO and market research tactics, we run through all of the search terms that are giving you trouble, figure out what they rank for, and determine whether each result is positive, negative, or neutral. We get to the heart of your reputation management problem, determining the issues that are causing your bad press, and identifying the search terms that have been corrupted with negative associations. Then we hatch a plan to get your rankings back in check.

The key is to put more effort and love into your online properties than your detractors put into theirs. That’s how you take control of your reputation.

In With The Good

Once we’ve determined the exact search terms that are causing you trouble, we get to the real work. Using our research, we design a strategy to get your properties ranking higher through targeted link building and off-page SEO. We help you create and place content that ranks well and shows off your brand’s good side — highlighting the issues that you’re most concerned with, and offering a positive view of your brand.

We understand the hard work it takes to build your reputation, and we’ll put in the hard work to build it back.

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Social Media

Social media is a gateway into your audience's conversation. Don't stay silent.

Community Management

Community Management builds a following of brand fans. Our Community Management

Social Outreach

Social Outreach sparks engagement and gets the right people talking. Our Social Outreach

Social Analysis

Social Analysis pinpoints the conversation surrounding your brand. Our Social Analysis

Community Management ensures your voice is heard by the right people.

Community Management

Social media changed the online marketing game seemingly overnight. All of a sudden, brands had a direct channel to communicate with their consumers. But while the technology is immediately available, brand-centered communities take time to build. That's where we come in.

Your Brand Fans, Organized and Empowered

Your company’s resources were stretched before you had to account for a social media budget — but it’s possible that social hasn’t even kicked in to boost your bottom line yet. That’s why we believe in incorporating community management directly into your current strategy, rather than operating it in a silo, so that all of your marketing initiatives can benefit from your social reach.

The most effective community management strategies will be implemented from the beginning. Building a dedicated following allows you to build social media campaigns that gain traction and grow your bottom line, rather than just expending your social media budget.

Data-Drvien Community Management

Our approach leverages traditional market research and SEO to help ensure Community Management is data driven and helps maximize social media’s SEO benefits. Customers are finding brands in social the same way they’re finding them in search. We understand how to leverage social media efforts to bring the right sort of users to your site, and create customer interactions that align specifically with your goals.

Whether you are hoping to start a new community or have aggressive growth plans for an existing strategy, we can customize a management plan to fit your needs. Our social strategists are thought leaders in the space, and can help you guide the conversation surrounding your brand.

Social Outreach puts your voice in the right conversations.

Social Outreach

Social Outreach is the "social" part of social media. Reaching out to the right influencers to spread the word about your brand and its social media presence. It's the execution of all the strategy and planning that goes into your social media campaign -- and it puts your brand in the conversations you want.

From Strategy to Execution

Our Social Outreach team uses social analysis to identify the key players in the conversation surrounding your brand. We figure out if they’re talking about you, what they’re saying, and why. Many brands find themselves being left out of conversations that matter deeply to their customers. We change that.

We get promotion for your brand from influencers that your audience trusts. This means more quality links for your brand on trusted sites that build your reputation among an engaged audience. And it does wonders for search rankings.

Real-time Social Success

We leverage social media outreach to build links, promote your brand, and keep your voice relevant in the spaces that matter. If you’re not doing it, your competitors surely are. Let’s do something about that.

Social Outreach happens in the moment and lives forever, if you’ve done it right. Our social media analysts are always wired in to key social conversations. We’re ready to strike when opportunity happens. And when there’s no opportunity already, we make something happen.

Social Analysis sets the stage for you to enter the conversations that matter.

Social Analysis

Social media is more than just a tool. It's an entire channel for engagement that has proven to be a game-changer for brands across nearly every industry. Unfortunately, while most brands have adopted some sort of social media, many haven't integrated them fully into their marketing initiatives. We believe that glossing over social means missing the most important new opportunity for engagement. But we're here to help.

The Search & Social Story

Social Media has dramatically increased the potential for brands to be found. Not only does search function as a unique discovery tool, when leveraged properly it can increase your rankings for target keywords in search.

At iAcquire, we have embraced Social Media as an inextricable part of a successful SEO strategy. Search and social are intertwined, and the tools and tactics used to implement both continue to merge as users adopt Social Media as a discovery tool, the way they have with search over the last decade. For that reason we have developed a suite of Social Media Services as a companion to our current SEO and digital strategy offerings.

Finding Your Conversation

The first step to a successful Social Analysis is identifying a community of influencers. By tapping into communities already put into place by people active in your industry, you can enter a conversation in progress and claim a significant share of voice in that space. The conversation is happening whether you join or not, so why not make it about your brand?

Our social analysis utilizes measurement planning to set the criteria used to measure your success, social profile auditing to determine the quality of your current social profiles, and then development of social strategy to fully implement your brand voice in the space that matters to your consumers.

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