Digital Marketing Agency iAcquire Reinvigorates Website, Offerings, and Brand

Phoenix, AZ (April 24, 2013) – iAcquire, a global digital marketing agency, today announced the launch its wholly revamped website, brand, and client offerings. The agency has undergone extreme evolution in the last year which is reflected in the agency’s newly redesigned brand and website, found at The updated website serves as a hub of knowledge for marketers globally, while offering a display of offerings to current and prospective clients – with the goal of positioning iAcquire as the global leader in inbound marketing.

“iAcquire has gone through a tremendous amount of evolution over the last 24 months, and in order to reflect our current business and practice what we preach, we restructured, redesigned, and clarified our agency’s site,” notes CEO and Co-founder Joe Griffin. “The site redesign does a much better job of organizing and managing important, usable, and shareable content related to our core expertise, digital marketing,” Griffin asserts.

High quality content, representing the full capabilities of iAcquire, is placed front and center with the new website and holistically within the agency’s offerings to clients. User access is enhanced with a new responsive format that provides rich landing pages for site visitors to get content that is relevant to their queries. Highlights include:

  • Transparency: Search by industry to see past client case studies
  • Clarity in offerings: Understand the agency’s expanded offerings in digital marketing strategy, on- and off-page SEO, content strategy, digital PR, and social media
  • Technology and process: Get to know the technology that powers much of iAcquire’s work – iRank
  • Company: Meet the people that power iAcquire’s dynamic inbound marketing strategy and tactics
  • Philosophy: Discover the brand’s refreshed philosophy with an fully-interactive brand visualization

The new website reaches marketers and business owners on a global scale by mixing digital marketing tips with the vision and services provided by the agency. By incorporating more extensive resources for marketers, iAcquire remains a trusted voice in the digital marketing realm while broadening the content available to visitors. Rich content such as video interviews, white papers, how-to guides, guest appearances, and webinars are fully incorporated into the site. Additionally, the iAcquire blog continues to provide some of the highest quality content in the industry, with expert advice and thought leadership on content marketing, SEO, digital PR, and marketing strategy. iAcquire’s free marketing tools: Link Diagnosis, Authora, and Broken Link Index will remain available and easy to find in the new website.


More on iAcquire: iAcquire is a leading independent provider of digital marketing services. Headquartered in Phoenix and New York City, the agency pioneers business enterprise and agency solutions that lie at the intersection of organic search, digital PR, and social media. The agency’s growing customer base includes world leaders in technology, consumer electronics, retail, higher education, financial services, media, entertainment, publishing, and consumer packaged goods. iAcquire’s marketing services are leveraged by more than 200 leading brands globally. For more information on digital careers and the agency’s team, visit the iAcquire company page.