Get the Scoop on Every Backlink

We just couldn’t stop with iRank. So we built a tool that lets you lead the charge in reclaiming your backlink portfolio with key insights from LinkDiagnosis.

Clearing Up Your Backlink Portfolio

We built LinkDiagnosis to help you increase awareness of the sites linking to your site – visualizing your entire off-page SEO. Specifically, LinkDiagnosis is iAcquire's backlink analysis and reporting tool. It provides you with a transparent view into the backlink profiles or your site and your competitor's sites, with robust data collection on each link to boot.

Get Grannular

LinkDiagnosis allows you to identify the anchor text and types of links pointing to a site. It starts with an SEOMoz OSE back-link report, and then live-crawls up to 1000 results to validate and collect data about the links. Get an idea of who is linking to your site, and see if you even want them to.

Key Data

LinkDiagnosis creates a breakdown of links for each text variation, discovers whether search engines are being allowed to crawl the links, determines if the linking URL is correct, and provides robust search metrics.

Backlink Management

You can use LinkDiagnosis to get a sense of the sites that link to you, and determine if they’re doing it correctly. (Nobody likes a 404.)

Competitor Research

Take a look at your leading competitors’ back-link profiles to get a sense of the sort of links you should be targeting for your site to be truly competitive in search rankings.

Reimagine Authorship

Identify, organize, and reach out to the authors that matter in your space.

Get Personal, Discover Influencers

Authora is a tool that we built right after we learned about Google Authorship. We knew authorship was going to be huge, so we built Authora to identify pages containing the author markup and aggregate them into a searchable database with a categorized index of authors. It’s a way for you to find the people writing in your industry.

Create Relationships

Authors are knowledgeable people that can help build your brand. Social outreach with key influencers is easy once authorship is determined.

Relevant Search

Authora allows you to refine your search by author or name. Once you’ve discovered a key author in your arena, you can continue to aggregate everything they’ve written using authorship tags.

Social Data

Find relevant social share data for particular authors. This helps you discover influential writers in your industry that are prime candidates for guest posting opportunities.

Find Broken Links and Use Them

Dead links are opportunities for you to place new content. Discover them with Broken Link Index.

Discover Broken Links

Sometimes sites link to content and then forget about it. Over time, those links rot, and eventually go bad. Since the content is usually out of date, webmasters don’t generally realize it. Broken Link Index can scan the Internet looking for relevant broken links. You can then contact the sites and offer them fresh, relevant content to link to. It’s a content marketing dream.

Use Broken Link Index

Topic Search

If you already have content and you want links, you can take the guesswork out and search for broken links by topics that pertain to the content you have on hand.

Status Search

Find pages based on their HTTP status: e.g. 'Page Not Found' or 'Page Not Accessible.' This can help you determine if the linked page has just been moved, or is actually gone.

Get Reports

Easily click through to reports from Open Site Explorer, Majestic SEO, or Link Diagnosis reports. Or follow the link to the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine to see what the page once was.