The Best Free and Premium Keyword Research Tools

Not a fan of Google’s new Keyword Planner? Here are some alternative keyword research tools you can try today.

One of the top keyword research tools – Google AdWords Keyword Tool – has undergone a drastic renovation, now known as Google AdWords Keyword Planner. And the general consensus seems to be that this was not the best of all ideas. If you aren’t a fan of the new Google keyword tool, then here are some good alternatives to try out. None are a replacement for GAKT, but they can help ease the pain of the loss.

Moz Keyword Analysis (paid)

Moz’s Keyword Analysis Tool allows you to enter up to 20 keywords to see their difficulty, average monthly search volume, and the top 10 websites ranking for them. This tool is a part of Moz’s premium membership that starts at $99 per month with a free 30 day trial.

Raven Tools Research Central (paid)

Raven Tool’s Research Central allows you to complete in-depth SEO keyword and domain research with data from SEOMoz, Majestic SEO and OpenCalais in one place. This tool is a part of Raven Tool’s premium membership that starts at $99 per month with a free 30 day trial.

Advanced Web Ranking (paid)

Advanced Web Ranking’s keyword research tool brings data from Google AdWords, Google Webmaster API, Google Trends, Google Suggest, 7Search, SEMRush, Wordtracker, and Yahoo API Related Keyword Search together in one place. Basic keyword research functionality is available with plans starting at $99 for a lifetime license. Advanced keyword research functionality is available with plans starting at $399 for a lifetime license.

Keyword Spy (paid)

Keyword Spy is a keyword research tool that helps you research your competition’s organic, paid search, and affiliate keywords. Pricing starts at $89.95 per month.

Wordpot (free)

Wordpot is a free keyword research tool that will give you keyword ideas along with daily search volume. The trade off for it being a free tool is that it says the current index of keywords was last compiled in 2011.

Keyword Discovery (free & paid)

Keyword Discovery is a tool that will give thousands of keyword ideas based on the search term you enter. You can use it for free for up to 50 searches to get keyword ideas, or sign up for the premium plans starting at $69.95 per month for additional keyword analysis features.

SEO Book Keyword Tool (free)

SEO Book’s Keyword Tool offers suggested daily search volumes, price estimates from Google AdWords, links to other keyword tools (Google Trends, Suggest, Synonyms, etc.), links to vertical databases, and is powered by Wordtracker’s keyword tool.

Wordtracker (paid)

Wordtracker helps you find high-performing, profitable, keywords for your business. They separate themselves from other tools by helping you find the keywords that your customers are searching when they are ready to buy. Pricing starts at $69 per month.

Bing Keyword Research (free)

Bing’s Keyword Research Tool helps you discover keywords people are searching for on Bing with up to six months of historical search data instead of averages. It is a part of Bing Webmaster Tools.

WordStream (free)

WordStream’s Free Keyword Tool has over a trillion keywords in their database and helps you identify the most profitable long-tail keywords for your business.

SEMrush (paid)

SEMrush helps you discover your competitor’s organic and paid keywords in search. You can search by your competitor’s domain or search for competitors using specific keywords. Pricing starts at $69.95 per month, or you can access it for one month for $79.95.

Keyword Eye (paid)

Keyword Eye is a tool that lets you visualize your competitor’s organic and paid search terms. It also includes the ability to connect to Google Analytics to discover additional keyword opportunities as well as monitor incoming anchor link text. Pricing is £9.99 per month.

Long Tail Pro (paid)

Long Tail Pro helps you research keywords to find profitable niches. It includes the ability to discover domains based on keyword search results. Pricing is $97 for a lifetime license with the option to add an additional $17 per month for extended features.

Suggestions (free)

Ok, these aren’t specifically keyword research tools, but they can help with the keyword idea generation process. You can use just about any search engine to get ideas based on typing in just a word or two. For example, on Google…










As you can see, you can go beyond search engines and utilize a lot of different sources for keyword research, including social and personal networks.

Ubersuggest (free)

Ubersuggest takes suggestion tools one step further by showing you the top ten suggested keywords based on your entry plus each letter of the alphabet. So if you enter SEO, you will get suggestions for everything from SEO analysis to SEO zebra.

responses to “The Best Free and Premium Keyword Research Tools”

  1. Thanks for this Kristi – I haven’t been enjoying the new keyword planner at all. I feel like its really limited and clunky. I’ve been looking at alternatives and WordStream’s tools have been particularly useful. Thanks again for this list.

  2. Rohan Ayyar says:

    Good one, Kristi.. I too wrote a similar post – do see if you like it…

    The 10 Best Alternatives to the Google AdWords Keyword Tool

  3. eChimp Digital says:

    Hi Kristi – thanks for this list. It’s great to have all the major players in one place. Cheers

  4. Mauri says:

    Hi Kristi, thank you for your list !!
    I find that you are missing iLovePage1 (www.ilovepage1.com) tool which gets information from Google Adwords/Google keyword Planner and matches them with Allintitle and PR to get a competition outlook just next to the traffic.

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  8. Tin City says:

    I use http://www.webfire.com/a/?id=16242 and it is working awesome for me. Very happy

  9. Steve Schultz says:

    I also like keyword suggestion options in http://webmeup.com/

  10. Rhea says:

    Here’s one I’ve found recently. I used it to find Amazon niches but I think it supports Google, too.

  11. Jason Lee says:

    Is there a reason you did not mention Market Samurai? Most top rated bloggers including guys like Pat Flynn use that tool.

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  13. Kevin@LoseCheekFat says:

    i tot Market Samurai also retrieve the keywords from the Google Planner..
    and Thank you Kristi for this. indeed helpful.

  14. wsierocione says:

    Hi, thanks for interesting article, have your tried Metrics11? It is really interesting alternative, it shows you many interesting properties like age of domains of your competitors or number of backlinks, also it gives much more accurate data about competition of advertisers than those you have described above.

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  17. Tom Connelly says:

    Micro Niche Finder – unparalleled tech support, no monthly fees…

  18. guptaabhijit318 says:

    Really it’s very informative posting. Thank you for this information. I am new to SEO. It is a helpful piece of information for me and others. This post is really is most helpful.

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  20. Holly McIlwain says:

    Kristi, great post. I used Ubersuggest and it got the job done. Thanks

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  22. Nice list you’ve put together Kristi, however I was also surprised not to see Market Samurai in there.

    I’ve seen Long Tail Pro gaining a lot of popularity in the last few months but have yet to try it. I’ve looked in to it but still don’t see how it betters Market Samurai’s competition analysis data.

  23. RL Williams says:

    I notice your list is quite incomplete.

  24. Claire Simmons says:

    great list thanks – i use HitTail for my business works great for us ! 🙂

  25. Jason Mardis says:

    Thank you for the list but which do you use

  26. Wauw, wauww.This is a great post! Very very helpful for me. Thank’s.

  27. Robert Jung says:

    Nope, http://www.keyword.io is free, pretty sure since i built it 😉

    • Kei Reyes says:

      Great. I love the tool and often suggest it to others including our team at AeroLeads. Keep the good work mate.

    • Thanks, Robert, I tried it and i love the simplicity of your platform. However, do you think this can be useful for researching book keyword for book titles and all that. Basically to know what phrases are searching for in the topical area

  28. sunny brown says:

    useful tools about keywords research.

  29. Shane_10 says:

    Very Useful tools.

  30. KingsBuying says:

    Which one is the best do you think, I am still using good keyword tool

  31. Cikyme says:

    So useful for keyword search, thanks

  32. Man, glad I came across this. I’ve been looking to compare different tools and thought I had a good grasp on everything that was out there. I have a broad idea about the SEO competition. I have tried quite a few but have not come across to one that seems to both give an accurate prediction and at the same time scalable. But I lean heavily on manual review (not real scalable, I know). But, once I have found a decent opportunity using a tool like SEMrush, I’ll run the query through Google and analyze the first page results by MOzbar domain authority. Not the most accurate metric, but a solid directional clue.

    This post is such amazing! Most of them are really useful.. Thank you!
    Keep with the good work…

  33. George Coem says:

    Great post Krist!
    The way we’ve been doing SEO have changes a lot for the past few years and although we still heavily rely on goolge tools, there are others to play with. My top list (abridged version for SEO) would look something like this:
    KW Planner, Moz, SERPstat – for keywords research
    Screaming Frog – for audit
    SEMRush and SpyFu – for competiotrs research
    The best part is that I don’t use all of them in paid versions.