Social Media for Content Marketing

Social media can make or break your content marketing promotional strategy. This Cliffs Notes Tuesday video will catch you up to speed on everything you need to know.

Director of Market Research Norris Rowley and Manger of Content Strategy Devin Asaro teamed up for this special extended edition of Cliffs Notes Tuesday. Join them as they cover the basic workings of all major social platforms and how to create and promote content for each.

Follow along with their notes here:



  • Tell an interesting story
  • Writing longer content is OK (as long as it’s compelling)
  • Publish often
  • Use keyword-rich descriptions
  • Host contests/promotions
  • Take advantage of Graph Search — Facebook’s search engine that let’s you filter groups of people by interest



  • Tell a Story — but not too much in one tweet. Keep it concise.
  • Use #hashtags consistently and where relevant
  • Test and measure what types of tweets and content perform best
  • Test and measure engagement level (RTs, mentions, favorites) at different times of day/ different days of the week
  • Cover industry events



  • Enable embedding
  • Make it easily shareable (shorten links)
  • Use both professional and “homemade” videos
  • Show it off!



  • Spruce it up
  • Encourage staff participation
  • Quality not quantity
  • Participate in group discussions



  • Figure out if it’s suitable for your audience — what can you add to a visual platform?
  • Use videos
  • Build customer relationships
  • Show your personality

Google Plus


  • Use a healthy mix of content (although this audience is most technical of all)
  • Make use of hashtags and +1s
  • Establish authorship and build your Author Rank
  • Write longer form posts for commentary



  • Show don’t tell
  • Get personal — take pictures of everything from company events to new products
  • Tie in promotions and links to content
  • Call for user-generated content


What’s your social strategy for content? Let us know your tips and tricks in the comments.

responses to “Social Media for Content Marketing”

  1. Alicea Jones says:

    Hey guys, great video and high level over view of the social media channels. I’m in the process of choosing which social media to engage in for my freelance content marketing writing business and your presentation gave me a snapshot of each. Perfect timing. Thanks!!