Occupy My Office Instead

Don’t spend time protesting, iAcquire is hiring!

Occupy Wall Street? Here’s an idea for you. Occupy My Office instead. Seriously. I’m still trying to understand the exact grievances and demands of the protesters. I want to get it. But I don’t really get it. The best insight I have into this so far is from NPR yesterday: that the Wall Street protesters still don’t have a list of demands, but hope to at some point. Weird.

Anyhow, back to occupying my office. I manage a very successful Internet marketing startup company based in Phoenix. We’re just over two years old. We have 55 team members. We are pioneering new technology, new techniques, new products and new services. The work is exciting, challenging, creative, and rewarding.

We are actively seeking more team members. It’s been strangely challenging to get qualified people to apply for the 6 new positions I opened up a few weeks ago. Imagine that, in the middle of everyone complaining about a lack of jobs, we are having a tough time hiring entry level positions with excellent growth potential! We post on Craigslist, Monster, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. We see surprisingly few applications coming in from recent college grads…another thing I just don’t get.

We want recent college grads that are ready to bring energy and passion to work every day. We’ll train you on the technical stuff, if you can arrive with solid fundamentals you damn well should have developed in those four years you were racking up your (protest worthy?) college debt. What solid fundamentals? Clear, concise, persuasive writing skills, well developed critical thinking skills, and discipline to come to work and become a professional. Liberal arts type majors in history, English, philosophy, journalism, etc… all those majors that ‘didn’t prepare you for a business career’- come on in if you have the above mentioned capabilities ready to go. If you don’t, then what were you doing for four years? Are you at least great at throwing a ping pong ball into a red solo cup?

I hear that the Occupy Wall Street movement is coming to Phoenix. Occupy Phoenix. Hmmm. Last night at my company we held an open house to provide information on our company, our industry, and the job positions we have open. We promoted it for two weeks. I wanted 30-40 people coming in to attend. We had an underwhelming ten people sign up. Six actually bothered to show up. They all got interviews and a shot to work with us. I wonder if the folks preparing their protest signs may have been better off attending my open house last night. We had free food and drinks too. Bonus!

You don’t have to go into high finance or management consulting to have a great career, or even a chance to get wealthy one day. There’s this thing called the Internet- it’s brought on one of the most monumental changes to business, work opportunity, and the economy. Advertisers and marketers are shifting their budgets to Internet marketing by the billions. Search engine marketing makes up about half of all online advertising. Think this might just be an interesting place to gain experience?

Debt laden recent college graduates of Phoenix, you have a choice. You can get iva help to repay your debts quicker (first learn what is an iva), OR you can come and Occupy My Office :  Monday – Friday 8 AM to 5 PM.  At my office you’ll get a salary and a chance to make a chunk of change in bonuses if you are smart and motivated. You’ll get healthcare, benefits, and a 401k program to get started on saving for the long term. But far and away what you’ll get most importantly is experience. The experience and insight you will gain will be highly sought after, and those college debt concerns will evaporate.

We’re iAcquire, a youthful and energetic company that is kicking ass, disrupting paradigms, and having a lot of fun doing it as we forge the future of the $40 billion search engine marketing industry.  Three weeks from now we are breaking down the walls in our office building so we can expand our space by 80%. That includes a break room with a ping pong table.  You can keep practicing your beer pong skills.  Whatever path you choose for yourself, I recommend this: stop finding walls, and start finding ways. Perhaps a few of you will even consider joining us as we knock down our walls and continue marching into the future. Proactively. Positively.

What do you think? Help me understand, share your thoughts, be constructive, give feedback.



Tom Rusling
General Manager

Post Script: Oh yeah, and for you Wall Street area folks, I’ve got four unfilled sales positions and two Account Manager openings in our New York City office just sitting there, waiting for the right highly motivated, articulate, critical thinking skilled people to show up and show us what they’ve got.

responses to “Occupy My Office Instead”

  1. If you ever want to integrate TV into what you are doing, talk to me.

  2. Kuorosh Farrokh says:

    This is
    brilliant recruiting; I’m sending you my resume!


  3. Kuorosh Farrokh says:

    This is
    brilliant recruiting; I’m sending you my resume!


  4. Tia Peterson says:

    Hi Tom – I came to your blog to see what the company is up to, and I need to say that I completely agree with this whole post. I am baffled that the movement is still going. Protests without a point are doomed to fail. I don’t even think most of the protesters know what they are protesting, or what it would look like if they “got what they wanted.”

    Nice post.

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