Intro to iAcquire EDU Series 1 – Behavioral Psychology for Inbound Marketing

Get ready to enroll in iAcquire EDU Series 1 on Behavioral Psychology for Inbound Marketing. Read on to find out about the syllabus and how the course will work.

Behavioral Psychology Principles for Inbound Marketing

After many hours of research, writing, and editing we’re very excited to get underway with the first ever iAcquire EDU Video Series & Online Course. As you may have guessed, this first course is entitled Behavioral Psychology Principles for Inbound Marketing – a lengthy name but accurate nonetheless. The course will deal with understanding how the human mind behaves within the context of the digital consumer, how he/she consumes and engages with content, and what ultimately triggers a desired response from them. Joshua Giardino, our Manager of Research & Development, and I have come up with our own framework that will guide the course along the syllabus, but do keep in mind that we lean heavily on the works of Dan Ariely, BJ Fogg, and Arjun Chaudhuri, to name a few.

Workload: 1-2 Hours per Week

Session Start: August 14th, 2013

Session END: September 25th, 2013

About The Course

Each week Josh and myself will dive into a specific desired action Inbound Marketers hope to influence their target audiences to perform. Each action will have its own dedicated video diving deep into the following:

  • Why is this action important to Inbound Marketers
  • What does it look like in real-time
  • How is this desired action able to be influenced
  • What are some good examples of other websites using behavioral psychology to influence this desired action

The actions we’ll be reviewing are:

  1. Share
  2. Engage
  3. Transact
  4. Create
  5. Rate
  6. Invite
  7. Reward

Additional questions we will consider:

  • How does short content differ from long content in the way users react?
  • Do color choices have any bearing on our decision making process?
  • Can a user be nudged into a higher price point through the use of decoys?
  • What inner image of ourselves do we hope to portray by sharing content?
  • Why do some communities thrive while others seem to stagnate and never pick up steam?
  • How much do rewards really help in driving desired user actions?

Recommended Reading

Essential Behavioral Psychology for Inbound Marketers
Intro to Consumer Psychology
The Behavioral Psychology Behind Bold Creative
Behavioral Psychology Video Roundup

Course Format

Each week of class consists of an 8-15 minute long video, bi-weekly quizzes, additional readings, an optional assignment and a discussion on Twitter.


  • Will I get credit for this course? 
    • For the moment no, not in any tangible sense. You will however walk away learning something new and hopefully increase your abilities as an inbound marketer.
  • What resources will I need for this course?
    • The reading material outlined above covers the majority of reading assignments, if not all of them, that we highly suggest you go through beforehand so as not to feel lost when the class launches.
  • How can I pass this class?
    • Watch the videos.
  • Are you going to teach me how to hypnotize people to do whatever I want them to on my website?
    • No. We will teach you about how your potential customers’ brains work, the way they come to decision making, and how to leverage that knowledge in an ethical way to help connect your brand or web property with the right audience.

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