Inbound In Love Game Show: Episode 4, Long Distance Lindsay

In episode 4 of Inbound in Love, we watch a persona group that contains married couples with kids and blue collar jobs.

Alright, so Valentine’s Day has come and gone. You probably already got your fill of Valentine’s Day related stuff, but stay strong! The great people at iAcquire, mostly me & Megan Brown, have another installment of Inbound In Love.

In our previous episodes we had the honor to interview Small Town Taylor, One-Upper Oliver and Miserly Miles.They provided us with insights into their online shopping behavior, who and what they were shopping for, along with tactics on how to best engage them.

Why stop the fun at three – we have one last contestant on “Inbound In Love.” After all – love is a year-round thing, right?

Contestant #4: Long Distance Lindsay

Let’s welcome Long Distance Lindsay!

There’s an old-fashioned pride among the people that fall into the Long Distance Lindsay persona, where property is typically handed down over several generations.

Nearly two-thirds own three or more cars to drive longer distances to their jobs, children’s activities and national retail chains.

Nine out of ten of these households contain married couples with kids.

The people that fall into the Long Distance Lindsay persona tend to have average educations, with the highest percentage having high school diplomas. About a third of householders have some college education.

Most hold low-paying blue-collar jobs in manufacturing, transportation and health care, but a significant percentage of adults also work in farming, sales and service-sector industries.

The Long Distance Lindsay persona are all-American homebodies. They have little interest in traveling abroad and prefer to take vacations in cars and RVs to nearby beaches, theme parks and campgrounds Overweight Permits.

On weekends, many adults prefer to stay home to play cards or board games, do woodworking or organize family photos, and maintain their collections of coins, stamps and miniature cars.

They also have an average interest in going online to shop, bid in auctions, participate in chat forums and socialize with others. Among their favorite websites are Craigslist, Facebook and eBay.

However, they do make a strong market for educational and gaming software.

Let’s meet the potential brands attempting to woo her…

Brookstone – Home of the comfy massage chairs.

PetSmart – A pet snake is always a great gift!

Sam’s Club – You can’t beat buying in bulk!

Let’s ask Lindsay a few questions so we can see who she decides on…

Who are you shopping for?

My husband! Who else would I be shopping for on Valentine’s Day? Well, I do have a couple of boys I might get something for, like a teddy bear or some candy. But I have to make sure my husband is happy so he is my focus right now.

Nothing big though and NO flowers. It has to be a man’s gift, my Bubba doesn’t like anything girly.

He’s a military vet, so he likes practical things, I used to send him the best care packages when he was in the army!

Well with a name like “Bubba” I can see how he would need a “manly gift.” Do you have an idea of what you’re shopping for this Valentine’s Day?

I don’t know- I was thinking about some hunting or fishing equipment. Either one would be a great gift but I wanna to do something a little different. I just don’t know what direction to go in. Maybe a new grill or something like that.

What are you looking for in a retailer?

Ease! I want to be in & out when I shop. I don’t need all of the extra bells and whistles. And I also want a little variety. I want to be able to get everything I need in one place. The last thing I want to do is be hopping from website to website looking for stuff.

Oh man, I hate ordering from multiple websites. Too many emails to keep track of. Okay, is there any way a retailer can sway you to shop with them?

Umm, probably not. If you have what I want, then I’m shopping with you. Maybe the only way I could be swayed is with a sale or big discount. But is has to be a really good for me to look twice.

The best way to engage the Long Distance Lindsay persona is with good old content.

While this persona is very receptive to online advertising, it doesn’t mean they will engage with everything that is thrown at them. Content that promotes a particular sale or promotion would be the best way to capture this persona’s attention.

Who did Long Distance Lindsay pick?

Sam’s Club

With Lindsay so unsure of what she wants to get, Sam’s Club would be the perfect pick for her. The site is very easy to find what you need along with housing a variety of different items makes it a perfect match for Lindsay.

And that wraps up the Inbound In Love series. I hope good old Chuck would be proud of me.

As the Czar of Market Research and Analytics at iAcquire, I normally create these very detailed/actionable decks for client on who their target audience is, where they are in they in their purchasing journey, what keywords they best align with and how to engage them.

Yes, very heavy stuff.

So in an effort to display what we do here on a lighter scale we we created a fake game show “Inbound In Love” just give everyone a little glimpse of the magic. Hopefully this look behind the curtain helped a little bit. If not I’ll just copy another game show and run with that theme.

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