Inbound In Love Game Show: Episode 3, Miserly Miles

In episode 3 of Inbound in Love, we check out behavior of persona Miserly Miles: a mixture of retirees and empty-nesting couples living in relative comfort.

It’s still Valentine’s Day, so that means more Inbound In Love…

Wait what?!? I’m late? Well the insights aren’t going to stop cause Valentine’s Day is over.

We are here to make y’all understand the many pitfalls holiday focused marketing can cause, while also highlighting the ways to take advantage of it.

Once again I’ll be hosting an episode of Inbound In Love. Where we match up a persona with a retailer who would be competing for their business this Valentine’s Day.

Oh c’mon! Who else could you trust with your persona analysis?

So let’s get started!

Contestant #3: Miserly Miles

Put your hands together and welcome Miserly Miles to the show.

The Miserly Miles persona contains a mixture of retirees and empty-nesting couples living in relative comfort.

Most of these households are married couples without children. With their salaries investments, these households report incomes of more than $120,000 enough to afford relatively.

This persona is fairly conservative in the marketplace. The people that fall into this persona describe themselves as brand-loyal shoppers who look for bargains. They shop at online  retailers like Dillard’s and Stein Mart, but use mail-order catalogs too.

Okay yes, you read that right — mail order catalogs. For all the kids out there, back in the day these catalogs were our internet.

They go online for basic functions: to check their stocks, shop, answer medical questions and read newspapers and magazines. They websites like MSNBC.com, Netflix.com and AOL.com
AOL.com, seriously this is still a thing. Wow, just wow…

Enough with the stroll down memory lane, let meet which brands we matched Miserly Mile up with.

Street Vendors – No surprise that she has no website…
Wal-Mart – Those greeters are always so friendly!

Neiman Marcus – Pretty clothes at pretty high prices.

Who are you shopping for?

Well, I have to get my wife something “nice” this year. Last year I got her a card with a gift card to Applebee’s in it and she didn’t speak to me for about a month.

So this year I was thinking about going for the gusto and getting her a gift card from Olive Garden, but she told me if I get her another gift card I should expect to be sleeping on the couch until the summer.

My back can’t take another week on the couch.

Do you have an idea of what you’re shopping for this Valentine’s Day?

No! To be very honest I’m all out of ideas. And, if we’re going to be ever more honest, I don’t care that much. We have been married for over thirty years I think I have given her every possible Valentine’s Day gift. From jewelry to trips, she’s had it, and she doesn’t want it again.

That is why last year I got her the gift card to Applebee’s.

However, I might log on to that “Internet” and see if I can find some gift ideas for her.

Sir, if the internet doesn’t have something you can give your wife that she hasn’t received before then the internet has failed you. What are you looking for in a retailer?

I’m looking for something newfangled. Since I really goofed up so bad I feel I need to make up for that. So I’m all for new and shiny, but not expensive.

The problem is I want to give the world, but I’m ordering off the “Dollar Menu.” So this year I’m going to make sure that I give her something unique that doesn’t break the bank.”

Money can’t buy love, but it seems like it could buy bed space. So is there any way a retailer can sway you to shop with them?

Lower their prices!

I like nice things however at our age we are more focused on the long haul instead of the short burst. This year I’m going to do a lot of research and find the best bang for my buck. I have to make those dollars stretch as far as possible.

And well, price is important I do appreciate a retailer who makes it easy to find what you’re looking for. Around the holiday seasons some of them just go overboard with their promotion. I know it is Valentine’s Day, so please remove the giant heart from home page.”

See normally I would call out how cheap this persona type is but this is something that most of Americans agree with especially in this abnormal economic climate.

The Miserly Miles persona is about equally divided between those who say “the Internet has changed their lives” and those who say “it’s had no impact at all.” Needless to say they are a weak audience for a majority of internet advertising because of their limit online activity.

Okay so bare with me and I honestly don’t try to recommend this too often however when it comes to an older segment of an audience it is all about capturing them while they are online. And since no one force people to visit their homepage, yet, the best way to engage them is via email.

So how do you engage Miserly Miles?

If you can’t shake the creative bug, a great way to engage this persona type is through visual content. A quick informative or comical video would capture this persona’s attention.

So, who did Miserly Miles pick?


Man, he is cheap. The reason this persona type would lean towards a retailer such as Wal-Mart is because of their wide selection and low prices. Walmart’s homepage clearly denotes its sales and clearance items.

So, Miserly Miles is, in fact, able get a couple decent gifts without breaking the bank or sleeping on a couch until the summer.

Good luck to you, sir! And to everyone else – hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day!

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