Inbound In Love Game Show: Episode 1, Small Town Taylor

Introducing our Valentine’s Day Persona Game Show… Inbound In Love!

Seeing how it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s only right we have a theme that fits this day of love. Can you say Love Connection?

Your favorite manager of market Research & Analytics is coming back at you with some awesome new persona data – so you know exactly who will be making the love connections – and who will be hosting, of course!

Please don’t tell me you haven’t heard of Love Connection. That’s just cray! Love Connection is an American television game show, hosted by Chuck Woolery, in which singles attempt to connect with a compatible partner of the opposite gender. So in an effort to mimic what good ol’ Chuck was doing on Love Connection, we created our own iAcquire version. We call it Inbound In Love – where brands and personas can find eternal marketing happiness!

In this game, we match up a persona with a retailer who would be competing for their business this Valentine’s Day. Just think of me of as a modern Chuck Woolery… with a little less hair.

Contestant #1: Small Town Taylor

First up, let’s all give a warm welcome to Small Town Taylor.

The Small Town Taylor persona type lives a middle class lifestyle, and is made up of a mix of couples and families.

The adults that make this persona tend to hold positions in education and jobs in white-collar, service-sector and blue-collar professions. These households are predominantly white, although this persona type has an above-average concentration of Hispanics.

Small Town Taylor is a value-oriented shopper, who believes that discount store brands are just as good as those pricier chain stores.

Many are coupon clippers who care little about status recognition. They’re relatively late adopters and only buy an average amount of electronics.

This behavior is something most of middle America align with, along with everyone else who isn’t throwing money at Apple whenever a new iPhone comes out.

Taylor is a little country girl at heart, so she is fond of sports websites dedicated to fishing, football, Motorsports and fantasy sports leagues.

She also goes online to blog, visit message boards, send instant messages and listen to the radio. She visits sites like Facebook, Fandango and Craigslist at a very high rate.

But enough about Taylor’s habits, let’s get some insight to what she is doing this Valentine’s Day.

Let’s meet the three retailers our wonderful staff at Inbound In Love have found to set her up with for some quality Valentine’s Day shopping:

AutoAnything – The name says it all!

eBay – good old fashioned auctions!

Maserati – Is that Italian for “fast car?”


Keeping these retailers in mind, let’s ask Taylor a few questions to gain insights into exactly who she is shopping for, what she wants to buy and how she wishes to make her purchase.

Then, she will make her decision on which brand is the best match for her Valentine’s Day shopping needs!

Who are you shopping for?

I’m shopping for a Valentine’s Day gift for my amazing boyfriend, Jake. We’ve been together for two years, but we went to the same high school, and of course we both went to the same Big 10 school for college – Go Hoosiers!

We re-met in college because he played on IU’s baseball team, and I was covering sports for the school newspaper. I had to interview him for my first story, and our connection was instant!

Since we’re both from Wisconsin, he asked me out on our first date by having one of his teammates deliver me a block of cheese with “Will you go out with me?” carved into it. So cute!

He’s the greatest guy to come out of Wisconsin, besides Brett Favre, of course!

Do you have an idea of what you’re shopping for this Valentine’s Day?

Jake is definitely a man’s man. Y’all know what I mean?

He’s hard to shop for, because he definitely does not want me to buy him any kind of clothes, unless it’s something camo he can wear to go hunting or fishing. He’s a huge Packers fan – I mean, really, who isn’t? – but he already has so much Green Bay gear.

And he loves a good beer at the end of a long day, but I can’t just stick a bow on a bunch of bottles of Budweiser, although I know he’d appreciate it.

He tells me that I’m the best gift he could ever ask for… see, I said he was soooooooo dreamy.

I was thinking I could get him something for his truck. His truck is probably the thing he loves the most, besides me, God, his family and our Brittany spaniel, Duke. He drives a Ford F-150 SVT Raptor. I don’t know much about trucks, but apparently it is THE truck to have. Plus, it’s American made, unlike Toyotas.

Everyone I know refuses to drive something that isn’t made in the USA! I hope YOU don’t drive a foreign made car!

We’ll save that discussion for another day, Taylor… So, tell our audience: What are you looking for in a retailer?

I want something that is moderately priced, but it doesn’t have to be bargain bin cheap. I don’t want it to be tacky. I don’t mind shopping online, but I don’t want to pay crazy shipping fees and stuff.

Since there aren’t a ton of truck or custom truck accessories places in our town, I probably will have to order it online, but convenience is a plus. Fast shipping, too! I have to wrap it. It HAS to be American made, but that goes without saying. Also, I want a lot of information on the product, I don’t just buy things just because they shove a lot of advertising in my face. As an added touch, I’d love to customize what I get if possible.

From the little bit of Googling I’ve done, I’ve found some cool things on the Ford site – interior lighting, bumper mounted warning sensors (so he won’t keep backing into the basketball hoop on my parents’ driveway when we go there for Sunday dinner & euchre games in the offseason), custom seat covers, a folding Tonneau cover for his truck bed (perfect for when he’s got all of his hunting or fishing gear in the truck bed or for when we go camping).

I just don’t want to order from Ford.com, my friend Abby says those corporate branded sites always give you the worst deals and jack the prices way up.

My daddy always taught me to never to give a cent more than something is worth, and I definitely abide by that! So, I’m not sure what exactly to do!

Is there anything a retailer can sway you to shop with them?

Honesty is super important. I know that all those advertising agencies in big cities are out to get people like us, so I really appreciate good customer service and plenty of product information – that makes me super loyal to a brand.

Deals are always great too, including free shipping and coupons. I hate going on websites that have tons of advertising or lots of forms to fill out before I can even shop, so I want to go somewhere where I can see deals right away and quickly search for what I want.

Customer reviews are a major plus, too, so I can see what people have to say. Also I trust other people’s opinion on quality more than a retailer’s. Jake uses his truck for everything – hunting, fishing, he drives so far during the season with all of his stuff, plus it snows a lot in the winter here, so whatever parts he adds need to be tough!

I also want to be able to customize anything for a decent price – I want Jake’s truck to stand out from everyone else’s when we’re tailgating for Packers games.

Taylor may be a sweetheart – but she is serious when it comes to shopping. She can’t be tricked into spending a lot of money just because of advertising. This means brands have to engage her without bombarding her.

Luckily, Taylor can be engaged easily on multiple levels, ranging from sponsored websites to links. However, she is mainly looking for information, so user generated content would be the best way to engage this persona.

Added bonus: if this content can be promoted on various social media outlet s she already frequents, it would increase her engagement level.

So, which brand did Small Town Taylor pick?


Her boyfriend owns a  pick-up truck, she’s on a budget and she doesn’t want to spend all day shopping – AutoAnything was a natural match for Taylor.

The segment of the audience Small Town Taylor represents is niche, but not small. Across the Midwest there are millions of consumers looking for American made products at within-budget prices.

Taylor’s needs fall inline with most consumers are looking for ease of shopping experience, good customer service, availability of customization, and, most importantly: inexpensive. 

Thanks for appearing on the show, Taylor! We hope you and Jake have a fantastic Valentine’s Day!

Tune in to the iAcquire blog for more installments of Inbound In Love – where brands and personas find eternal marketing happiness!


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