iAcquire EDU: Intro To Consumer Psychology

Behavioral psychology informs everything we do in inbound marketing — whether we know it or not. Understanding the psychological factors that influence consumers can help us create marketing strategies that truly speak to consumers’ needs.

As a follow up to SEO Manager Tom Harari’s post Applying Behavioral Psychology to Inbound Marketing, he and Joshua Giardino, our Manager of Research and Development, have teamed up to dive deeper into the principles of behavioral psychology, and explore the ways that marketers can utilize them to become smarter, more effective marketers. Now let’s dig in.

Hi everyone. Welcome to iAcquire EDU. I’m Tom Harari. And I’m Joshua Giardino. In this video series Tom and I will be exploring the application of behavioral psychological to digital marketing.

This is a topic that I’ve been fascinated with for a long time, and when I finally got around to writing my post “Applying Behavioral Psychology to Inbound Marketing,” I was pleased to see that it had started an awesome conversation in the community. Industry leaders are beginning to explore how we can apply the principles of behavioral psychology in a way that is effective, innovative, and ethical.

Now that the discussion has begun, we’re ready to dig in.

Crash Course: Why Behavioral Psychology?

Marketing is all about discovering opportunity. We identify consumers’ needs, and position our brand or product as the solution to the problem. Humans don’t always make rational decisions. Logical barriers prevent us from attaining the things that we really want. We simply don’t know what we want. Marketing informs us.

The problem is a matter of expression. People simply can’t communicate what they want or need, because often the product that speaks to their needs doesn’t exist yet. Behavioral psychology gives us a foundation for identifying, understanding, and encouraging consumer behavior. It gives us a vocabulary to speak directly to consumers’ needs, and give them what they really want. Understanding consumer psychology puts us in a position to be better, more ethical marketers.

How We’re Going to Learn

We’re going to take you through a survey of behavioral psychology through 7 videos, featuring real-world examples from digital marketing. Use the comment section below, and the hashtag #iacqEDU to ask questions, and engage in dialog.

Here’s what we’re not going to do:
Spoon feed you basic principles. We assume you’re smart enough to understand the basic principles of behavioral psychology, and research what you don’t understand. (We’ll also suggest further reading materials.)

We’re also not going to engage in nerdy, theoretical discussions without direct application. This is about applying principles to become better marketers. You’ll be able to apply this stuff. But if you want nerdy theory, we’re game for that too. Get in touch via the comments or on Twitter, and stay tuned. We’ve got lots of great content in the works, and we want to know what interests you.

And yes, it’s all free.

What We’re Going to Learn

We’re going to examine some behavioral principles that are common to marketing & advertising. Then we’ll present a framework that you can apply to your own work, online and off. Utilizing these basic principles, you’ll be able to take the next step and hone your own techniques to appeal to consumers.

We’ll also dive into some principles of behavioral psychology from the greats like Dan Ariely, BJ Fogg, & Arjun Chaudhuri. And we’ll show how clever marketers have applied all of these techniques to influence consumer behavior (with a big discussion about ethics along the way).

We’ll be investigating the basic human instincts that translate into online behaviors like purchasing a product, sharing content, commenting on an article, or reviewing a service. And we’ll be identifying the psychological principles marketers invoke to encourage those behaviors.

We’re excited to dive in. In our first lesson we’ll be covering the human need to share, both online and offline.

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    Thanks! behavioral psychology as applied to digital marketing is something I find really interesting as well. I’m definitely looking forward to this

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