iAcquire Cares: 2012 in Review

Our Phoenix and New York offices had a year full of charitable acts. From toy drives and serving Thanksgiving meals, to raising money for men’s health, we have had the opportunity to give back to our surrounding communities in more ways than one.

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ― Charles Dickens

Our team at iAcquire shares their experiences during each of the events. Read their stories and gain inspiration from their benevolence:

“Emily’s Toys 4 Joy”

A former employee recounts the company’s recent participation in Emily’s Toys 4 Joy, a Phoenix-based organization that collects donations of toys, games, stuffed animals, and art supplies for hospitalized children. Hear her share her perspective on this event:


In 2008 a girl named Emily was bitten by a dog, and her injuries required surgery and hospital stays at two Phoenix-area hospitals. To thank the hospitals for their care, Emily and her family delivered toys to them, so they could give them to other children. And that’s when Emily’s Toys 4 Joy was born.


Now 10 years old, Emily leads a charitable nonprofit that this year collected 11,500 toys with the help of retail partners and businesses like iAcquire, which filled a toy drop box during October. Employees brought in toys for girls, boys, teens and tweens, and two iAcquire employees donated their time helping to sort the toys. Our effort, with the 150+ other sites nearly tripled Emily’s Toys 4 Joy toy count from 2011.

Emily’s passion for helping other kids is inspirational. She hand wrote thank you notes to every partner who hosted a toy-collection box, which we posted in our break room to inspire the staff.

“Thanksgiving is Homeless No More”

Thanksgiving is Homeless No More is an event where a group of people feed Thanksgiving meals to hundreds of impoverished people. Last year Aaron Alexander, Sr. Marketing Strategist at iAcquire, CEO Joe Griffin and a handful of iAcquire employees and their families participated in this day of giving. Aaron shared his experience during that day:

Thanksgiving Feast - Jenna.Aaron

I was honored to participate in the 6th annual ”Thanksgiving is Homeless No More” or as we like to call it “Thanksgiving with Friends” where several iAcquire employees – including CEO Joe Griffin – donated our time to serve the hungry this Thanksgiving in downtown Phoenix. Joe’s friend, Alan Learner, has orchestrated this event for the past six years, and we always try to help this man help others. He is a gracious and considerate person who just inspires everyone.

This year we fed more than 1,000 people and had a good time laughing and joking with all the attendants. It was a moving experience and one that I will cherish in my memories.

I dedicated my holiday to serving others because I can’t imagine a world where people don’t help each other “reach the next ladder rung” or “help those that may have fallen off the ladder.” I know the people involved did this without any expectation or desire for praise, and I believe, we all feel it is our ethical duty to do what’s right!

“A Spin on Noshember”

Last November iAcquire Phoenix put down the razors to the benefit of the Prostate Cancer Foundation. This no-shaving initiative, aptly named “Noshember,” was a month-long event where the women of iAcquire forewent shaving to raise money for a good cause. Here’s what one of our employees had to say about the furry month:


On top of the holiday festivities, November is the month in which everyone comes together to recognize men’s health. Charities receive an increase in donations for prostate cancer research from supporters partaking in what’s called, “No Shave November,” or “Noshember” for short.

For those unfamiliar, it’s during the month of November that you begin to see men grow out their facial hair and proudly sport mustaches. Some end up with very fine, patchy balls of fuzz on their face, and some are able to sprout full beards by the end of the 30 days. We’ve all seen it and, as much as you want to look away, you can’t help but stand back and applaud. Then come December, they then chop it all off to start the new month fresh.

But why should men have all the fun? To my surprise, Noshember also applies to the ladies where women go the full 30 days in November without shaving. Obviously, not all women can grow full mustaches, so some agree on legs only, maybe include the armpits, and some go for the full monty and don’t shave at all.

For the past three years I’ve tried to rally up the women of iAcquire to partake in this grand event to see who can hold out for the full 30 days without shaving their legs– legs only. But alas, with only a handful of ladies in the office, we hardly made it past the first week before we caved and shaved. This year, on the other hand, was very different. Significantly, more women have joined the iAcquire family since then and thus, we had a much higher number of participants. Eleven to be exact!

So I got in touch with some friends at the European Wax Center and they offered to sponsor the event. While the ladies were growing out their leg hairs and collecting donations for the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the sponsors at EWC were kind enough to offer each participant a care package that included a $5 gift card and some lotion samples. On top of that, they provided prizes to three lucky winners. So at the end of the month, the ladies that made it the full 30 days without shaving had their names put in a hat to be drawn. First place won a free full-leg wax, and second and third each received a free lower-leg wax.

Not only were we able to help make an impact in the fight against prostate cancer in support of all the men in our lives, but we had a ball from the laughs shared amongst ourselves. This past November was, by far, one of the most memorable ones I’ve ever experienced here with iAcquire because of the success of Noshember. But just to be clear, as fun as it was to participate, I cannot express the joy and relief a can of shaving gel and a fresh razor gave us when the first of December finally rolled around.

“Family to Family”

Family-to-Family, Inc. is a not-for-profit company based in New York. Given the dire circumstances of Hurricane Sandy last year, Family-to-Family worked to partner families affected by Hurricane Sandy with organizations. One such partnership was iAcquire New York and a local family. Each member of the iAcquire team in New York worked to donate goods and money needed for this family to rebuild their lives after such a horrendous natural disaster. The family was forever grateful of iAcquire’s kindness. Here’s what they had to say about iAcquire’s generosity:

“I am writing to express sincere appreciation for all of the beautiful items sent to us from iAcquire. We were truly touched and can’t thank you enough for helping us during this devastating time in our lives. Hurricane Sandy changed our lives in a way we never could imagine.”

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