How to Improve Your Google+ Engagement: Infographic

Increase your Google+ engagement with the help of this comprehensive infographic.

Have you started using Google+ as a central part of your marketing yet? Here are a few reasons why you should.

Google+ is Google.

And Google owns search. When you combine a good content marketing strategy—and most of the time this means you should think about educating and being helpful, as well as creating content that entertains—then people will be compelled to engage.

On Google+, a few things then happen:

  • You content will start to be shared beyond your profile or your page and through this increase in reach, you are able to spread your messages further than ever.
  • As people engage with and thereby amplify your content, it begins to build you up as an authority on that subject. The more existing authorities engage with you, the more authority they will share.
  • All of this sends signals to Google that your content should surface in search for more people to discover.

What else?

If you are a local business, you can see the reviews and the Google+ profile linked to the people who have left them. This means you can engage, interact and build relationships with your top reviewers, as well as turn around any that show customer-relation issues.

There is much more to Google+ marketing than meets the eye, including being able to build opt-in lists of circles that you can then notify by email when the time is right, but for now let’s circle back to this infographic on engagement.

Engagement on Google+ most often means +1s, comments and shares, as well as people adding you into circles. But think of it this way when you are looking over the graphic below: engagement is an indication that someone has paid your content attention, and maybe wants to tell more people about it as well.

Now that you know why you want more engagement, let’s get started on how you can go about getting more of it too…

Google+ Engagement

Image design by Irfan Ahmad of digitalinformationworld.com.
Infographic courtesy of plusyourbusiness.com.

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