How to Get People’s Attention with a Cross Platform Promotion

Want to make sure everyone gets your message? Find out how to promote your news across multiple platforms.

Have you ever wanted to really grab your audience’s attention with a new promotion? Imagine if you could hit them everywhere it counts online. Here’s a five step online marketing plan that will make sure your message gets heard loud and clear.


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Start with Email

To get started with your campaign, you will want to send an email to your mailing list subscribers and customer database. Let everyone on your list know about your upcoming webinar, product launch, new service, publication, or other news.


Most businesses end their promotion here. While email marketing gets your message direct to your audience’s inbox, it doesn’t guarantee that everyone will see it. Many emails are left unopened or go into spam. Many more are read half-heartedly.

The goal of this strategy is to make sure that your audience sees your promotion not in just one place, but in multiple places. So many times, in fact, that it will be in the forefront of their minds. Let’s continue the promotion.

Simultaneously Publish a Blog Post

One thing you may want to link to in your email is a blog post with more details about your promotion – this way you don’t have to have a mile long email that might turn off those with a short attention span. Along with sharing it in your email, your blog post will reach those who are just subscribed to your blog. Plus it will go out everywhere you have distributed your RSS feed, including those who auto-tweet your posts through services like HootSuite and Twitterfeed.


This will continue to get the word out about your promotion! But we’re not done yet…

Post Social Updates

Social media will likely reach the broadest audience when it comes to the people who have not yet opted into your email list or become a lead. Twitter can especially be helpful as you can tweet about your promotion multiple times to make sure people in different time zones catch your message.


Of course, when it comes to Facebook, you can’t guarantee that everyone will get your message thanks to the Facebook EdgeRank algorithm. This is when you have to turn to social advertising.

Continue with Social Advertising

Want to make sure your fans see the update about your promotion? If you have over 400 fans, you can just use the Promoted Post feature. This will keep your update in the news feed for three days.

If you don’t have 400 fans, or you want to reach an audience beyond your fans, you can use the Sponsored Stories advertising.


You can even make sure your email list subscribers are in your targeted audience for your Facebook ad by using the Facebook Power Editor and Custom Audiences in the Manage Ads section. This will allow you to upload the email addresses on your mailing list and target your ad to anyone with a Facebook account linked to those email addresses. This way you don’t have to depend on whether your subscribers fit a certain demographic, are connected to your page, or have specific interests to see your ad. That ad will remind subscribers about your promotion or make sure that those who didn’t open it will see it.

Spread the News

Want to get the people who aren’t connected to your business at all? If it’s a big enough promotion, then you might want to look into sending out a press release. It could help you get int the top of news results…


And it could lead to some great backlinks PRWeb is one to try. They offer different packages ranging from $159 to $499 depending on the amount of SEO optimization you need and the number of news outlets you would like your news to be sent to.

Follow Up with an Email

If you want to get your point across, you can always send a follow up email about your promotion. There are various ways to do this – offer a time sensitive discount for your new product or service, send a final reminder about signing up for an almost full webinar, remind subscribers that an ebook will only be free for a little while longer…

While it may seem pushy, it will likely lead to more positive results. Just don’t do it too often – save the follow up email for the biggest promotions your business has to offer.

Making It Work

All in all, if you were to do all of the above items for your promotions, you should give it more exposure to your intended audience. That additional exposure should lead to a rewarding promotion with increased conversions.

Here are some key things to do to ensure that this promotion plan is a success.

  • Create a conversion-optimized landing page.. This should be a rule of thumb for just about anything you are promoting. Make sure the landing page is focused on delivering everything your promotional materials promise and that it gives visitors no other options but to convert.
  • Use the same imagery and wording. While A/B testing is good, creating different materials for one promotion can confuse your audience. If they see the same photo, tag lines, and main points throughout your promotion, they will become familiar with it to the point that they can’t resist it.
  • Be ready to respond. Especially on social media, you can’t expect to just broadcast your message and get conversions. Be on the lookout for questions in your inbox, blog comments, wall posts, news outlets, and anywhere else you spread the word about your promotion. You’ll likely seal more deals if you demonstrate to your potential customer that you are always responsive and available to help.

What other strategies do you employ to make sure people not only see your promotion once, but see it enough times that they can’t forget it?

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