Increasing Business Visibility in Facebook Graph Search

Facebook’s Graph Search feature comes along with tremendous new possibilities for getting better visibility in the Newsfeeds of everyone who ‘likes’ your page. By taking a deeper look into its features, you can gauge how you can maximize your Facebook reach.

If you are one of the people who still do not have Facebook Graph Search, or you have it and wonder what advanced queries you can make with it, then you’re in luck. You can look towards the Facebook Graph Search Preview, Graph API, and Facebook Ads as indicators of just how in-depth Graph Search can go. In today’s post, we’re going to look at what you can learn about Graph Search and how your business can adapt its Facebook presence to be discovered.

Linking Personal Profiles to Business Pages

Before we get started, in order to maximize the amount of exposure your business can receive from Graph Search, you will want to make sure that you have linked your personal profile to your business page and encouraged employees who are willing to do the same.

To do this, simply enter your current workplace in your profile’s Work and Education section. If your business has a page and you have liked it, it should come up as you are typing it in the Employer field. To test, go to your personal profile and hover over the business name to make sure the page information pops up.

If you don’t have a business but you do have a fan page for your blog, you can connect your blog’s fan page to your Work and Education section to have it show up on the front page of your personal profile as well – just use blogger, owner, editor, etc. as your job title. We”ll discuss in some of the following examples how these things can work towards getting you more fans, customers, and readers.

Graph Search Preview

When you signed up to join the waiting list for Graph Search, you got a taste of what you could do with it with some example queries on the page and in the video. Let’s dive deeper into some of the examples from the Graph Search preview page and how your business can adapt.

People who like Cycling and live in Seattle Washington

This search is an example of how Facebook will dig into personal profile information to find people within a certain location who have listed a specific interest. While this example will not pull up business pages, you can still use it to market your business.

Let’s say your business sells cycling supplies in Seattle. What you should do is have each of your employees (that are willing, at least) to publicly list camping and related activities as an interest on their personal profile. They should also list your business as their current employer and make sure that it links to your Facebook page. This way, searchers will see that lots of people who like camping and your business name along with them.

The same can go for blogs. If you are an avid cyclist and have a blog, you might gain more fans and readers if you have that blog listed on your main profile page. People searching for cycling in Seattle come across your profile would be the perfect readers of your blog.

Photos I Like

Keep reminding people of your business by encouraging them to like photos on your Facebook page. You can do this by posting great photos (with less than 20% text) and using Promoted Posts to get more exposure and likes for them. Then, when people get into searching for photos they have liked in the past, your photo will come up.

Photos Before 1990

This search should remind you to tag photos you post by date. You can also tag your business page in photos on your personal profile to help them come up when people do searches for photos from friends with a certain date.

Photos of my friends in New York

If you have a local business, encourage more people to check in and add a photo. This will ensure that people who search for their friends photos in your area will see photos from your business.

Restaurants in London my friends have been to

Again, getting your business in these search results requires you to encourage more check ins on Facebook by your visitors. One easy way to do this is to simply offer a discount such as a free dessert to anyone who checks in at your restaurant.

My friends who like trail running

This is similar to the first example of people who like a specific interest. When you and your employees list related interests on your personal profiles, more people will have the opportunity to discover your business.

Graph API

Want to know exactly what Facebook Graph Search can find? Then stop by the Graph API for Search page in the Facebook Developers section. You can see click on specific search strings for types of searches people can do, such as coffee within 1,000 miles of a specific location based on latitude and longitude.


In the left sidebar of this page, you can click on Objects to see the things you can discover in search about applications, events, groups, pages, photos, posts, videos, and many more things on Facebook.

Facebook Ads

If you want to do a little keyword research to see how many people on Facebook have particular interests and how many of those people are in certain locations, then simply use the Facebook Advanced Targeting options. Start with setting up an ad campaign for a URL destination other than Facebook (ie., not an ad campaign for your page), and then scroll down to choose your audience.

Here, you can enter a specific location and/or interests to find out how many people on Facebook list them in their profiles. This will give you a clue about what locations to list your business page, what interests you can list on your personal profiles that will hopefully drive Graph Search users back to your page, and other information Graph Search could be using.

While you are at it, you might want to create an ad for your page to start building your fan base. The more fans you have, the more likely you will be discovered in Graph Search when people are searching for things that their friends like. If they see hundreds of they friends like one company and only a handful like another, they are more likely to choose the one a majority of their friends like.

Testing Graph Search Results

Unlike Google search where you can have ranking monitors find out your current position in search, Facebook Graph Search is going to be more of a challenge. Everyone will get completely different results based on the deeper level of personalization Facebook has incorporated. Search results will be based on their own Facebook activity, their likes, their interests, their location, and the things their friends have liked and are interested in.

This is why you will want to experiment with different search queries on Graph Search and look at the businesses whose pages come up for them.Then learn from them.

Do you have Graph Search yet? What other tips would you give businesses to help increase their visibility in Facebook search results?

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