Content Strategy for Mobile — Cliffs Notes Tuesday Wrap-Up

Our Cliffs Notes Tuesday series on Karen McGrane’s Content Strategy for Mobile is a wrap. Find summaries of all our videos here to review each chapter.

Content Strategy for Mobile

Over on the iAcquire YouTube channel we’ve been taking you through Karen McGrane’s Content Strategy for Mobile. Make sure to buy the book and follow along with our videos below.

What is it about?

McGrane provides a detailed start to finish guide on how to optimize your content for mobile. Bonus: many of her tips can improve the content and UX of your regular site, too!

Who is it for?

Anyone involved in the content strategy process should read this book for a working knowledge of how to communicate about content for mobile.

Video Summary

McGrane starts off by detailing the importance of mobile optimization and what a mobile site should look like.

Content Before Platform 
This chapter sets up a theme that reoccurs throughout the book: the stress should be on improving your content first and foremost. Then, you should make content adaptive and responsive.

Adaptive Content (Part I)
Using NPR as an example for best practices, McGrane talks about why and how adaptive and alternative content is critical for mobile optimization.

Adaptive Content (Part 2) 
Find out what it means to make presentation-independent content and discover how you should be utilizing metadata in your mobile content strategy.

Strategy & Planning
The first steps that McGrane walks you through include analyzing data, getting buy-in, and creating a short term process until you have time to fully implement your mobile strategy.

Writing & Editing
This chapter walks you through taking inventory of your content and writing content that captures the attention of mobile users.

Information Architecture (Part 1)
McGrane talks about why you should never truncate, and what you (and your CMS) should be doing instead.

Information Architecture (Part 2)
Properly display your body text, tables, images and infographics on mobile with these tips.

People and Process
Learn who should be doing what and which organizational structures and tools will help keep these roles in order.

The book ends with a case study of Cancer.org and McGrane’s 10 tips for making sure you’re doing content for mobile correctly.

Value level:

McGrane’s straight-forward, witty writing style coupled with her intricate knowledge of the mobile content space makes for an excellent guide.

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