Black Friday aka Terminator Save-ation: Rise of the Mobile Devices

Here we bring you even more persona behavior research for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday.

Holy schnikes America! We killed the kick off to this holiday season. Brick & mortar retailers are happy, and online retailers are probably doing back flips over the increase in sales they saw this year. 

We went over the personas targeted by Black Friday popup sites last week, but Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday (there are far too many nicknames for these days, let’s just stick with Terminator Save-ation) are just getting bigger and bigger. But for who? And where should you be marketing to excel? I’m back with my social media sidekick Megan to share some insights on this year’s Terminator Save-ation stats.

Brick and mortar retailers’ newest tactic, opening their doors at 8 PM Thanksgiving day, paid off on Turkey Day with a 25% increase in sales. This cannibalized Black Friday sales which saw a small dip of 3%, while foot traffic increased. However none of this affected Black Friday online sales, which were up 26% and surpassed the $1 billion mark for the first time according to comScore.

In my last post I introduced three personas: Coupon Cutting Carol, Stay Small Sam and Keep It For Myself Kanye. Yet amongst this year’s numbers, yet another persona emerged:

Hello, Paypal Pauly D Here.








If stacks of bills ring, you might as well answer!

Unlike Keep It For Myself Kanye, all of Paypal Pauly D’s purchasing took place on Thanksgiving. This persona best represents people like myself, who spent a large portion of Thanksgiving morning surfing the internet hunting for the latest Black Friday deals on their mobile devices.

There is no solid evidence they even stopped searching for deals WHILE eating turkey and stuffing, much to the chagrin of their mothers (I’m just guessing). As for me, while I did enjoy cooking and entertaining, I spent about 75% of my time on my iPhone, iPad & Nexus 7 researching future purchases. This was the first time I have taken part in such an event.

I was not alone, which is always a good feeling to have when you’re conducting such antisocial behavior. About 28% of Americans took their cell phone or tablet to kick off the holiday shopping season. 28%! That is a lot of people looking for information and shopping on their mobile device… you better eat that turducken before it gets cold!

We mentioned before how shoppers often bought for themselves, but companies can also treat themselves to extra business.. by investing in a good SEO strategy. And SEOs: TREAT YO SELF to this immense opportunity!

Create content to drive consumer action. While not all forms of content will thrive in this knowledge hunting environment, customer testimonial content will excel by influencing consumers. Nevertheless, mobile surfing present a small problem for a lot of sites because they’re not optimized for mobile devices. This is where you can come in and save the day – then treat yo self with your own profits when your clients see the spike in conversion.

In addition, influencing Paypal Pauly D is especially important when it comes to electronics, since that is what this 20-35 year old demographic is mostly researching and purchasing.

Detailed content that speaks to electronics and/or gadgets will give them the information they need – if you sell electronics or electronic-related accessories, become a resource in order to pull in Paypal Pauly D. Once he has made it to your site, he’s more likely to go through with a purchase after he does his research. Info-graphics also could be an option when engaging this persona, however keep in mind most of their internet surfing takes place on a mobile device – so make sure it is scaled and optimized for multiple mobile devices.

While holiday shopping culture is changing one thing will ALWAYS remain the same: People love to shop!!!

With tablet devices becoming more accessible, this will become the main tool people use to conduct their online shopping. Personas like Keep It For Myself Kanye & Paypal Pauly D are constantly on the hunt to Treat ‘Dem Self via mobile/tablet device. Engaging them via a mobile device is even more important, because future generations are having more and more access to these devices and will soon enough be making purchases this way as well.

Although this year, it seemed like a lot of brick and mortar retailers were still placing a strong emphasis on Terminator: Save-ation with print ads and commercials, these retailers need to push harder for compelling online content strategy.  Consumers are turning to the internet on their mobile devices to gather information (or, in my case and that of many others, to validate) purchases.

You can use every nicknamed holiday season day to engage visitors with your content- not just at this time of year. However, before you start creating strategies do your homework (we did it for you this time, you’re welcome). Know who your visitors are and how they will be engaging with your content.

What changes in consumer behavior or purchasing have you seen so far this shopping season? What promotions or content strategy do you use seasonally? What seasons or holidays would you like us to do your homework for you regarding consumer personas?

Leave your insights, suggestions and requests in the comments below or tweets us @iacquire with the hashtag #linkmas.

We’ll be back… for your insights!


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