Be Mr. October Year Round

How does it feel to be a champion? It was a long road to this victory. Let’s take a look back at what started out as a tumultuous season that somehow landed you on the road to a pennant: You ended your losing skid by discovering how social outreach for link building could benefit you,…

How does it feel to be a champion?

It was a long road to this victory. Let’s take a look back at what started out as a tumultuous season that somehow landed you on the road to a pennant:

  • You ended your losing skid by discovering how social outreach for link building could benefit you, your team, your clients and the SEO industry.
  • Spring Training helped your team find their social media outreach sweet spot by revealing which platforms were most effective for managing your strategy and tailoring your message to fit publisher and client needs perfectly.
  • Wins began adding up due to your contact and power hitters scoring runs for you due to your team laying solid foundations for relationships.
  • Strategy, tactics and your roster were all tweaked to perfection due to your detailed techniques for defining and recording social outreach success.

You and your team have emerged from the Fall Classic as the league champions! What else is there to do yet kick off your cleats, admire yourself in the shine of the Commissioner’s trophy, relax and enjoy this victory? 

Being a winner comes with great responsibility. Your success with social outreach establishes you and your team as influencers in different verticals as well as the industry. Others will be lining up for your autograph at batting practice- or, in the SEO world, begging you to speak at their conferences. Don’t become complacent with only one ring- Reggie Jackson, dubbed Mr. October due to his clutch hitting in the postseason, definitely wasn’t. He was a five time World Series champion and two time World Series MVP, amongst his other accolades. Jackson, every MLB player and any SEO with common sense will tell you: the game is always changing, and you should be too.

Any good baseball player knows that to best the best, you have to work at it. This means that for true champions, there is no offseason. You must keep working at developing the strategy itself- but also your team, your reputation, your relationships and your influence within verticals and the SEO industry itself.

In baseball and social media outreach there is always room for improvement. Step up your game by taking your commitment to creating genuine relationships one step further, go down in history by innovating the social outreach policy and establish a good reputation for your company, clients and SEO by giving back to the industry and the internet as a whole.

Get an All-Star Game Invite

It’s great to be a winner based on talent and work ethic, but you know that nothing exists in a vacuum. You and your team should establish yourselves as the best in the business – aka all-stars – by strengthening your reputations as well as that of social outreach.

In baseball, the All-Star game is an annual game between players in the National and American Leagues. Those who participate are selected by a combination of players, fans, coaches and managers. It occurs halfway through the MLB season and no regular season games are scheduled the day before or after. The league that wins the All-Star Game receives home field advantage for the World Series.

In your case, you need to go the extra mile with team members, fans, other thought leaders in SEO and the verticals you are outreaching in and those at the top in your agency in order to win an invite to All-Star game.

Do not criticize others’ processes, just serve as an example and continue to help publishers and clients reach their goals. Celebrate success, but do not be churlish. You want others at your company, publishers and other SEOs to see you as “the captain.”

That’s exactly what Yankees fans call shortstop Derek Jeter, and the title indicates more than just his duties to the team. As much as you may dislike the Yankees, you have to give Jeter some credit. Let’s be honest, the guy has it all: immense talent, unfathomable amounts of money, five Gold Glove Awards, four Silver Slugger Awards, two Hank Aaron Awards, five World Series championship rings,  and dashing good looks (ok, that one may be debatable). It could very easy for him to have the big ego and short temper many of his peers do.

However, sportswriters, fans and fellow MLB players alike all agree that Jeter could not be more gracious and well-mannered. Jeter is reliable, does not disparage others or the sport of baseball despite the scandals that arise-  and does his best to maintain class in any circumstance. Say what you will about his gift baskets, Jeter’s quiet confidence has made him a leader, fan favorite and well-respected amongst all who come into contact with him. It’s no surprise that Jeter, often labeled as one of MLB’s nicest guys, has made thirteen All-Star Game appearances.

It cannot be stated enough that being genuine and as real as possible will improve your efforts. Not only will this build trust with publishers and the industry but also prove that you and your team are thought leaders with the best interests of all at heart. Those who see your success will want to be a part of it or even suggest ways to bolster your process, making your team amongst the first to test and implement these changes – definitely a home field advantage.

Authenticity is a must in every aspect of business and is especially integral to creating and sustaining social outreach success. Although you want a strategy that is scalable so that you can meet all client needs, there are some parts to your process that cannot be automated. Positive relationships with publishers as well as others in the industry must be created from the start, and you will find that, if, for some reason, your team gets in a slump, they will step up to bat for you.

Become a Hall of Famer

What’s the best way to leave your mark? Go down in history! 

Being enshrined in Cooperstown for eternity is one of the highest honors in baseball. However, as a player or manager, winning a pennant does not automatically secure you a place on the ballot. Only those who truly stand out make the cut.

Change the course of social media outreach strategy history by changing the strategy itself. Lead discussions amongst your team and company regularly and even openly invite industry and publisher feedback.

Then, test out this feedback. Do not get bogged down in setbacks- you are pioneering the future of social outreach and SEO, so naturally there may be a few strike outs along the way. Do all you can to be at the forefront of discovery and relationship building. Implement video outreach integrated with social media, send your team out to blogger conventions to create face-to-face relationships and personalize communication as much as possible to gain trust and show the extent that you care about people and quality content rather than just slapping a link somewhere in cyberspace.

It seems common sense to adjust your strategy, however, these larger changes are risks you will have to assess and then take. Only those who go up to bat have a chance at hitting home runs, so you and your team must not be afraid of the possibility of striking out the first time. Do not blindly swing either- measure the risks and rewards and implement even the most daring strategies with a plan so you are prepared for any outcome.

Pitch In

You’re batting a thousand with publishers, SEOs and colleagues. Yet, let’s not forget part of the reason why social outreach is so valuable: we need to save the internet.

It is common practice for MLB players to create foundations and host charity events for various issues that are near to their hearts. Many give back to the communities their teams are based in, and most do their part to attempt to preserve the reputation and image of baseball.

It’s time to give back to the very thing that gives you your livelihood. The internet needs SEOs to start being more responsible. Social outreach will be a tool to help your team sift through the wasteland of irrelevant and boring content that resides on the web, but you must be active proponents of the process in order to ensure change occurs.

Although plenty of players make – and donate – plenty of money to the foundations of their choice, MLB also formed the Players Trust. Players contribute time and money to the various causes the Players’ Trust supports and together encourage others to join them in drawing attention to solving community and world issues.

These causes are far deeper and more compelling than your responsibility to the online world. However, it illustrates that simply doing your part is not enough- you must involve others.

Publishers, social media personalities and corporations are being treated like they are commodities used to reach an end with no consideration of actual genuine interaction. Content is being spewed out by companies with no thought put into client or audience. Even social platforms are becoming overrun with bots and spam.

On an individual level, your team is helping to “clean up” the internet and polish SEO reputation however you must constantly be creating content that contributes and aids others to do the same.

Create awareness of new strategies or processes, implement your strategy for all of your clients and help other SEOs (without giving away all of your secrets) to create tailored, useful original content and make your outreach team an asset to the sales team by training them on finding and qualifying potential client leads via their networking efforts.

Always be transparent with your practices- others lesser than you will not hesitate to attempt to change your strategy for quick and easy results. However, these black hat tactics will not be rewarding for them or clients. The same as you cannot skip bases on a baseball diamond and still score, any SEO knows that there are no shortcuts to success.

Former Major Leaguer Pete Rose once described baseball as: “It’s a round ball and a round bat, and you got to hit it square.”

In much the same way, social outreach for link building is simple in theory and complex in practice: using social outreach to create transparent, genuine, relevant, symbiotic relationships will garner a spot at the top of the pre-, mid- and post-season rankings for you and your team for seasons to come.

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