8 Reasons Users Leave Your Website: Infographic

Increase your time on site stats by avoiding these key user turn-offs.

If you build it, they will come, right? That might work for baseball games, but not websites. Admittedly, building a website is a little like constructing a baseball diamond in the middle of a cornfield. You have to be on the ball to get folks to set foot in your park. And once you do, they may wander around aimlessly for a while, become lifelong fans, or leave before you throw the first pitch.

Designed by Kissmetrics, this infographic has withstood the storm of changes in search and social and illustrates the key turn-offs for website users:

  • Convoluted, confusing navigation
  • A mess of ads and pop-ups
  • Unorganized blog content
  • Obnoxious, in-your-face media
  • Barrier-to-entry screens
  • Unoriginal, boring content
  • Unappealing design
  • Out-of-date, old content

Is your content structure clear and focused? Is your blog content engaging and shareworthy? Or, are you sending your website visitors packing before you pitch the ball? Hit a home run by avoiding these game-changers.

What Makes Someone Leave A Website?
Source: What Makes Someone Leave A Website?

responses to “8 Reasons Users Leave Your Website: Infographic”

  1. Marketing Bees says:

    People can also leave your website if it is optimized only for desktop users. We know how much mobile devices and tablets are used and if they are someone’s main device, they will quickly forget about you

  2. Sam Carr says:

    Love it, thanks so much for sharing, Lisa! I kept nodding along as I was reading it – bright colours and elaborate fonts, bad navigation and barriers would be at the top of my list but I completely agree with all these points.