8 Content Sources for Your Google+ Page

The first rule of social media: Don’t make it all about you. Enhance your Google+ content marketing strategy by curating topic-specific, visual or trending content from other sites. Here are eight great resources for shareable content.

Sources for your Google+ Page

One of the concerns of business owners on Google+ is that they don’t know what content to share on their page on a regular basis. Your Google+ Page should feature original content created by your company, as well as the content from others that is of value to your audience.

When sharing the content of others or curating the content from various sources, take into consideration the interests of your customer base and their specific content preferences of your audience on Google+.

It’s important to share quality content with your Google+ audience because the average user of the social network spends more than 3 minutes exploring the content shared by connections in their circles, visiting 2.45 pages a visit and bouncing only 50.63 percent of the time. Google+ therefore drives more engaged referral traffic for businesses than many other social networks.

If you’re looking for more sources of content to help fill your page with engaging information, then look no further than the following sources to bolster your company’s strategy on Google+.

1. Monitor the Google+ Explore Tab

The explore tab on your Google+ dashboard allows any users to see what’s currently trending on the social network at anytime. Analyze trending hashtags to see if any content resonating among Google+ users is relevant to share with your specific audience.

Sources of Content for Your Google+ Page

Because this content is already resonating with audiences on Google+, there’s more likely to be shareable content found on a relevant hashtag for your business to reuse. Browse through these hashtags on the explore tab on a daily basis for content inspiration.

2. Follow Industry Influencers

Follow influencers in your industry on Google+ to get insights into the type of content that resonates with their audience to repurpose for your own use. What’s important to note about these influencers is that some of the subjects they discuss on Google+ must relate to your audience’s interests. The influencer must also have an engaged audience to give you insights on what content drove conversations and could potentially work to suit your audience as well.

Sources of Content for Your Google+ Page

For example, Google+ influencer Michelle Phan is known for her content and conversations around beauty and makeup. If your business focuses on servicing the beauty industry, then Michelle Phan is the right influencer for your organization to source content from for your Google+ page.

3. Find Industry Specific Subreddits

Use the various Subreddits found on Reddit to locate interesting content on a variety of subjects related to the interests of your Google+ audience. Subreddits contain humorous content, trending news, commentary and many other forms of content to make use of on Google+.

Sources of Content for Your Google+ Page

For example, the science subreddit is offers extensive content across subjects from nanoscience to engineering. Reddit is a valuable source for finding interesting content on almost any subject related to your audience’s interests.

4. Explore Content with Feedly

As an RSS feed, Feedly can help pull together news from various publications and blogs across the web based on your interests as an organization to source content for your Google+ page across devices. RSS still matters because it’s a way to easily educate your content team on a variety of subjects in addition to being a source of content for your Google+ page.

Sources of Content for Your Google+ Page

Sources of content can be added by browsing categories of interest as seen above or by adding the URLs of specific websites. Add content sources to Feedly from different sources to discover content relevant to your audience’s varied interests.

5. Use Presentations from SlideShare

SlideShare is a helpful resource for finding content curated by industry influencers from different verticals often focused on thought leadership, business, entrepreneurship, marketing and other related topics.

Sources of Content for Your Google+ Page

Use quotes, statistics, sources, visuals, ideas and other insights found in various SlideShare presentations to add more depth to the content you’re sharing on your Google+ page. Always remember to cite the sources you’re mentioning in your content shared or repurposed for use on your Google+ page.

6. Search by Image on Google

Not to be confused with Google image search, most people don’t realize they can drag and drop an image or upload an image into Google search to find content related to that image. By searching by an image instead of text, you’re able to generate different results than usual and discover related content to use on Google+ that you may not of found otherwise.

Sources of Content for Your Google+ Page

Search images from your own original content, from the content of others in different industries and the content trending across the web to find relevant related content to consider using on Google+.

7. Browse Medium Collections

Medium is a blogging platform that organizes stories from different authors across the community into different collections focused on certain subjects like design, creative ideas, food, science and more. These collections are moderated by editors who can choose to confirm or deny the inclusion of an article into a particular collection based on the quality of the piece, if its matches the focus of existing pieces and is a relevant contribution to the subject of the collection.

Sources of Content for Your Google+ Page

Medium features plenty of content that’s concise, highly visual and often a compelling story for your Google+ page from influencers, writers, editors, business owners, designers and everyone else in between. Also, check the home page of Medium for top 100 articles trending on the blogging platform each month. For example, here are the top 100 most read stories on Medium from May 2014.

8. Search Quora for Questions, Answers & Original Blog Posts

Quora is the question and answer social network that allows anyone to ask a question that will ideally get sourced through the members of the platform to be answered by experts in various fields. Highlight conversations happening on Quora on various topics to help spur the continuation of these conversations on your Google+ page, especially since Google+ is such a community-driven, discussion-based social network.

Sources of Content for Your Google+ Page

Search for questions and answers related to the interests of your audience to find relevant content on Quora. For example, if engineering is of interest to your following on Google+ then this particular discussion about what makes a good engineering culture could be content to share with your audience by adding your own opinion and asking for their input as well. Quora also has blogs on the social network that subject matter experts often contribute to on a regular basis as well that can act as an additional source of content for your Google+ page.

Where content sources do you use to fuel your Google+ page?

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