5 Tools That Drive Marketing Updates and Opportunities to Your Inbox

Learn how Google Alerts, SocialReports.com, Agora Pulse, Whoosh Traffic and HARO can deliver online marketing updates straight to your inbox.

Are you tired of checking multiple analytics accounts, social networks, ranking monitors, and other tools on a daily basis? Whether you are a small business owner trying to run your business, a marketer managing several client accounts, or anyone looking to increase efficiency and productivity, you will want to try out the following tools that will deliver your online marketing updates straight to your inbox.

Google or Talkwalker Alerts

One of the easiest ways to monitor mentions across the web for your business, your clients, or your competitors is by setting up alerts. Google Alerts will send you email whenever a new page on the web with the keywords you are monitoring appears.


Talkwalker Alerts is a similar service if you would rather use something other than Google, considering Google’s history of shutting down their products. While Google hasn’t announced the end of Google Alerts, they are shutting down Google Reader, a product that was tied directly into Google Alerts RSS subscription options.


Whether you are managing one website or multiple websites, yourself or your clients, it’s tough to keep up with all of the new followers, friends, updates, mentions, etc. across multiple social media accounts along with your analytics.

SocialReport.com connects all of your social media information and analytics in one place. Best of all, you’ll receive a daily email with a summary of all your activity. This includes your new Twitter followers (along with their bios), Twitter mentions, LinkedIn connections, LinkedIn company page and group activity, Google+ activity, Klout, YouTube activity, and Google Analytics.


People who sell through Shopify, Ebay, and Etsy can also connect to those accounts to monitor their sales activity. Everything is organized by project, which makes it easy to manage multiple websites and related accounts. When you log in to your tool, you will get even more details about all of your account activity in individual reports and summarized in a graph so you can see if a spike in Twitter activity also results in a spike in website traffic.

The best part? The pricing on this tool starts at $9 per month, which makes it perfect for every business size.

Agora Pulse

There are certain types of activity that you might want to get notified about immediately, such as activity on your Facebook page. A part of beating the EdgeRank algorithm is to encourage engagement, and the faster you respond to comments on your wall posts or pages, the more discussion will happen.

AgoraPulse is a Facebook CRM tool that allows you to monitor your Facebook page analytics, updates, and competitors. They send you emails in real time when your Facebook page receives a new post, comment, or other update.


Getting immediate updates can also help you respond to reputation management issues, such as negative comments, as quickly as possible to diffuse a bad situation. It can also help you monitor your Facebook pages for spam comments and have those removed (and the users banned).

Pricing for this tool starts at $29 a month and is dependent on the number of pages you want to monitor and the number of fans. Reporting within the tool that shows your most popular posts (and least popular posts) based on reach and click through, how many fans really see your updates, and what your competitors are doing on Facebook make it worth it.

Whoosh Traffic

If you’re actively working on your search engine optimization, or just trying to make sure you haven’t been penalized by Google, then you will want a keyword ranking tool to monitor your website’s position in search.

Whoosh Traffic offers a great keyword monitoring tool that will send you a daily summary of your current keyword rankings. Each email is organized by keywords with a positive change, negative change, no change, and unranked.


Whoosh Traffic also digs deep into search, beyond the first 10 pages. This can be helpful for people who are just starting to work on SEO for their websites, as they will see improvements no matter how far behind they are.

In addition to their keyword monitoring, they also have tools in beta for keyword research, backlink analysis, and competitive analysis. Their pricing starts at $49 a month.

Help a Reporter Out

If you want to increase exposure to your business, there’s no better way than to get mentioned in a major news outlet. You can make this happen by signing up to Help a Reporter Out (HARO) as a source. Choose specific topics like Business & Finance, High Tech, Lifestyle & Fitness, Travel, or General. Then you will receive daily digest emails from reporters who need experts to quote.


Share your expertise and you’ll get the chance to be mentioned in ABC News, New York Times, Huffington Post, and other trusted outlets. As an added bonus, you may also receive some strong, authority links in exchange for your expertise.

These tools deliver your keyword rankings, social media activity, Google Analytics, and real time Facebook activity right to your inbox as well as help you increase visibility for your business. What other tools do you use to make managing your online marketing activities more convenient?

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