Norris Rowley

Director, Market Research

Norris A. A. Rowley Jr. is director of market research at iAcquire. He brings nine years of experience to the role, where his expertise in audience analysis and an ingenious technique he developed for persona recognition helps top companies target specific consumer groups. Norris’ advancement in the study of personas, in particular, is an invaluable tool, as it identifies segments of the marketplace to which clients can align their data.

Norris joined iAcquire in 2012 from Publicis Modem where, as an analyst, he helped the cereal brands of General Mills examine and identify the traffic their media campaigns drove. Prior to that, he began his career at Nielsen in 2005 as a market research specialist. It was there that he first honed his talent for creating personas, this time in the service of supporting newspaper clients’ aim to shift readership from print to digital.

Norris completed two years at Long Island University before Nielsen recruiters sought him out and he became one of the company’s youngest employees.

When he’s not coming up with new personas, Norris enjoys gourmet cooking, comic books and challenging all comers to classic Street Fighter II or Madden. A Brooklyn native, Norris credits his parents with his early interest in using data to make decisions. As the story goes, shortly after his delivery, they submitted a survey to the nursing staff to help narrow down the list of names. The rest is history.