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Cindy Nieves Boynton

Director, Operations

Cindy is a Puerto Rico native that spent her childhood bouncing from state to state as a military brat. Cindy attended the US Air Force Academy where her passion for competition and coaching came to life. She was a member the Parachute Team Wings of Blue where she instructed over a hundred USAFA cadets and personally represented the US Air Force in competitions around the world.

Cindy went on to become the Operations Manager role at Amazon, where she led a team of area managers and 100+ associates in outbound operations. Passionate about process improvement, she was responsible for shift safety, quality, performance and customer experience and was also accountable for strategic planning, forecasting, and staffing plan development to exceed operational goals.

Cindy has since toned down her thrill seeking hobbies and keeps her feet on the ground by cycling and running marathons.

Cindy’s drive and motivation for process and organizational development led her to her current position as Director of Digital Marketing Operations for iAcquire. Cindy oversees operations performance and development of the content creation process, search marketing team (outreach), quality assurance, content partner development/management, product development, project management, and operations process improvement. While every process in a startup is in a constant state of evolution, Cindy likes the challenge of devising and redevising scalable solutions.