Bill Volhein

Senior Manager, Product Development

Bill’s technical background is rooted in international digital & print media success. As a product team leader, Bill has transformed traditional newspaper companies into profitable online entities. From product development, to global CMS and ERP design, Bill has spent his 20 year career building teams and products that lead the way in online profitability.

His online accomplishments are vast; the initial creator of the Child Nutrition Program for the U.S.D.A, UI developer for the Course Applicability System for the U.S. Department of Education, Online Director for Village Voice Media and their 17 online publications, one of the original product developers of, and many more.

Bill has joined the staff at iAcquire to focus his talents on expanding the ClearVoice vision and functionality for the digital audience.

In his free time, Bill enjoys COD, APC and is OGT92.