Our Story

iAcquire is a small company with a global reach, specializing in digital marketing strategy, SEO, and social media. We have growing offices in Arizona and New York City, and are always expanding to keep up with new business. Because we’re a startup company, every iAcquire employee has the opportunity to develop their position, take dynamic ownership of projects, and create a space for themselves in the industry through thought leadership. At iAcquire, we don’t stand in the way of innovation — we encourage it at every level.

Work is Good

Work gets a bad reputation. Word is that in some places, work’s not that fun. People feel stifled. Creativity is just a pipe dream. People keep their eyes on the clock.

That’s not how we roll. At iAcquire, artistry gets a line in every job description. Our environment is fun and relaxed — the sound of ping pong is a fixture in both offices — but we expect a lot from one another. Being a startup, our success is tied in to our ability to work together. We’re always on our toes, because “no” isn’t a word we use with clients or with one another. We’re bright, talented, and hard-working enough to get any project done in the digital space — and we welcome jobs that take us out of our comfort zones.

Work with us, and you’ll get every opportunity to grow into this industry. We offer competitive salaries and benefits packages, and there’s lots of potential to jump right onto projects that are core to our business. We need people who can hit the ground running. Check below for opportunities to join our team.


We love our interns. They keep us fresh, give us new ideas, and often join our team full-time. Interns are given an opportunity to do great work, learn about digital marketing, and take ownership of projects that our central to our success. (And it’s not rare for us to hire them when they graduate.)

Our interns have the opportunity to make big contributions to the business in roles that challenge their creativity and innovation. Though we expect a lot, we give our interns flexible schedules to meet their academic requirements. We generally offer internships to candidates enrolled in college programs that are one semester away from completing their degree.