Miss Social Manners

Emily Post’s etiquette doesn’t cover how to properly interact with your audiences on different social networks, but Miss Social Manners has you covered.

Don’t play with your food. Always open the door for a lady. Don’t name drop.

In a world where we instagram our food, are too busy tweeting to look up and notice doors (or fountains), & people beg for @ replies from celebrities, it’s become very clear that Emily Post needs an update.

It’s time to whip off the white gloves – after all, they aren’t very conducive to tweeting – and get down and dirty with social media etiquette.

Luckily for you, Miss Social Manners is here to save the day – so take in these first few tips & look forward to the rest!

And, if you have any social media etiquette tips or questions of your own, please tweet @iacquire using #MissSocialManners – it may be shared in the next post!

Tweet, pin and share these tips. After all, one rule of etiquette has withstood the years: It’s impolite to not pass on good advice.


Miss Social Manners Tip #481:

Answer questions that aren’t asked of you – if you’re qualified. Gaining respect as an authority is more valuable than gaining followers.


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Miss Social Manners Tip #28:

Know the value of every word you are posting. How are people searching on social for what you’re providing?


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Miss Social Manners Tip #7839:

Ask questions of your audience. it’s called social media – not solo media – for a reason.


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Miss social manners tip #381:

one call to action is worth fifty exclamation points. be effective, not over effusive.


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responses to “Miss Social Manners”

  1. Jason Diller says:

    Nice post. The new site looks epic.

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