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Video Outreach


Research Phase:

  1. Identify your prospects using keyword-relevant searches in FollowerWork.
  2. Export users you have identified from FollowerWonk.
  3. Remove all data except for user name, full name, website, and influence
  4. Take those URLs and place them into Outreachr’s Bulk Domain Checker to retrieve link based metrics and add that data to your spreadsheet
  5. Sort the sheet by link metrics and/or influence depending on your goals.
  6. Use Social Crawlytics to identify the most shared posts from those users and keep track of it in your spreadsheet.

Outreach Phase:

  1. Read the most shared post and come up with a unique point of view
  2. Collect your props for your video. The more remarkable the better. Examples: Crazy Hats, a fake parrot for your shoulder, a stuffed animal.
  3. Set up an interesting background or find remarkable position to be seated in within your office or home.
  4. Record a remarkable 1 minute video for each link prospect in Vsnap.
    • Say something that contradicts what the prospect can see to give them something to talk about in their response. Ex: If your stuffed animal is leopard call it a panther.
    • Your goal is to show you are a real person and that you value their content. If your perspective on their content is strong consider pitching them on writing a follow up on their site. Otherwise use this as the initial outreach and not the direct link request.
  5. Send the video to your prospect via Twitter, Email or Vsnap’s internal email client.
  6. Monitor the view counts on your videos to see whether or not the user has watched it and send follow up messages.
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  • http://recalibrate.co/ Ryan McLaughlin

    This is awesome Mike. I think video isn’t used enough. I don’t quite understand the first bullet of #10. I get the reason, but not necessarily the example or how else you could tie that in.

    • http://twitter.com/iPullRank MyCool King

      Sure, the main point is to get a response and people seem to love to correct other people. I don’t know enough about psychology to explain why that works, but it does. So give them something to correct and they will be compelled to respond even if they wouldn’t have normally.

  • http://www.vsnap.com Vsnap, Inc

    I know we thanked you in vsnap form, but also wanted to say thanks over here too. 🙂 Great piece and love the “Recipe for” layout. 2 wee things because ya know, evangelist here. You can also share a vsnap via LinkedIn and we recently added feeling indicators so people can mark your vsnaps helpful, thoughtful, or amazing. Stuffed animal leopard/panthers definitely get an “amazing”. -Trish

    PS – Joining the mailing list right now!

    • http://twitter.com/iPullRank MyCool King

      Thanks so much Trish! As I said in the tweet, I had the idea to use video for outreach and our Social Media Strategist Megan Brown (@thatgirlmegan) met you in #cmgrchat and then let me know about the product. We love it, and wish you guys had an API so we could integrate it better into our internal processes. You can definitely expect that I will keep pushing the concept of using Vsnap next time I speak on link building at a conference!


      • http://www.vsnap.com Vsnap, Inc

        Send me an email trish@vsnap.com and lemme know what you’d love to see. Who knows, we may already be working on it. 😉

  • Charlie Morgan

    What’s the benefit of #6? To get a sense of what content they like so you can customize your link bait to them? Not following.

    • http://twitter.com/iPullRank MyCool King

      Remember context is king when it comes to link building so the benefit of #6 is creating context in the conversation. Reaching out to someone and talking about a popular piece of content on their site is far more effective than just saying “hey I want a link from you” or “Can I get a guest post?”


  • joshpatterson

    Sick post Mike, love this idea! Will definitely be giving this a go.

  • http://twitter.com/ysekand Yousaf

    Thank you so much for mentioning Social Crawlytics.

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