March Madness: iAcquire Lays Up Your Content Strategy with Webinars, Case Studies, New Content

Join us for bountiful content strategy resources in the month of March, as we present webinars and persona-focused studies.

While the month of March can be dreary outside, iAcquire will turn up the heat in your marketing game with content strategy resources. The digital game can be more efficiently executed through community learning – and that entails passing of tricks of the trade, right?

From audience segmentation through advanced persona research, to quantifying outreach, here’s what we have to offer in the next few weeks:

Persona-driven search strategy drives better results: A Case Study with iAcquire: Webinar With Experian Marketing Services

Collecting data on user personas in an actionable way – one that actually drives real conversion – isn’t a cakewalk. If you want to progress your digital execution through marketing research, join iAcquire and Experian Marketing Services for their webinar on how to procure real marketing ROI with solid persona data.

The complimentary webinar, “Persona-driven search strategy drives better results: A Case Study with iAcquire” will be held on Thursday, March 14, 2013 at 2:00 pm EST.

During this webinar Mike King, iAcquire’s Director of Inbound Marketing, and Lauren Rice, Sr. Analyst of Strategic Services at Experian Marketing Services, will highlight how the agency, using Experian Marketing Services’ consumer insight data, has substantially increased conversions rates  – driving more qualified traffic and fueling intelligent link acquisition for a client.

If you are interested in accomplishing the following things, this webinar is for you:

  • Identifying targeted personas and their behavior in the digital space
  • Understanding the need-states that define consumer receptivity
  • Discovering the dynamic relationship between target audiences and search behavior
  • Using research and consumer insights to identify link building prospects at scale

Masterful Link Building with SEMPO and iAcquire: “Quantifying Outreach 2012: A Webinar”

With iAcquire’s evolution to content marketing, we will piggyback our Quantifying Outreach 2011 Study where we analyzed 300,000 outreach emails to determine what features yield the highest efficacy in link building outreach. Michael King, our resident Inbound Marketing Director will identify trends within the agency’s (and industry’s) link building efforts, while also drawing correlations between algorithmic updates.

Tune into this webinar on March 19, at 1:00 p.m. if you want to explore:

  • Quantified differences in outreach effectiveness between content-based outreach and incentive-based outreach
  • What content-based link building tactic performs best at scale
  • What specific features of outreach emails perform better than others

SurveyMonkey Partnership on Search Behavior

Later this month, SurveyMonkey and iAcquire will combine forces to publish key insights on consumer search behavior. Through this data, learn about what drives shoppers and how this translates into buying behavior. This study will provide key findings in the boundless evolution of search and how it relates to online purchases, preferred devices, social channels, responses, and more.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Meetup in Partnership with Distilled and Zemanta

Join iAcquire, Distilled, and Zemanta for a meetup on the great debate between content marketing vs. content strategy. The meetup will take place at the Zemanta NYC office (33 West 17th St.from 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 20

And, Last But Not Least – iAcquire’s Website Re-launch

…Oh, and by the way, we may or may not be re-launching or website in the next few weeks. To meet the needs of our website visitors, we have undertaken the overhaul of our agency’s website. As our business and the digital industry has changed so much in the past year alone, we wanted our website to reflect the current state.

How does the website redesign benefit you?

  • The website will feature more robust resources, from whitepapers to webinars on social, SEO, digital strategy, content marketing, market research, and more
  • We’ll offer even more transparency into our business process – straight from the mouths of our agency leaders

The redesign was spurred to create better engagement and resources for our stakeholders – that’s you! Stay tuned for the new look in late March, as well as steady flow of digital marketing and content strategy resources.

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