LinkDiagnosis 3.0

Check out the new features in the latest LinkDiagnosis update.

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of a significant update in our venerable LinkDiagnosis Backlink Analyzer tool. LinkDiagnosis was one of our first acquisitions and since then we’ve maintained and expanded it to be one of the leading SEO tools with innovations on both the high-level conceptual level and the technical platform.

The latest update introduces concepts that we have deemed safe and invaluable for the industry. We have always been interested in sharing trends and patterns we find internally, provided of course there is not a conflict of interest with our core business — and this latest update is one of the ways which we can do so.

This release also highlights some technological shifts which will help LinkDiagnosis increase visibility by giving more casual users a gentler slope of approach into the SEO field and at the same time providing experienced users more data points in their arsenal.

For more information about the new version of LinkDiagnosis, please visit the official LinkDiagnosis blog posting.

responses to “LinkDiagnosis 3.0”

  1. Rake says:

    It is a tool so powerful that it can replace ScrapeBox in some cases.