How to Make Twitter Management Easier and More Effective with Commun.it

Want to make get past the noise of Twitter to sure you don’t miss interactions with the most valuable members of your community? Then give Commun.it a try!

When you’re managing all of the moving parts of your online marketing strategy – the content, the links, and all of the social networks – it can be challenging to keep up with everything. This especially goes for businesses with multiple people working on one campaign. Fortunately, there are tools that can help you cut through the clutter and keep track of your account’s interactions. In this post, we’re going to look at a tool – Commun.it – that can cut your Twitter time in half while keeping you alerted to the most important conversations and connections for your business.

Identify and Engage with Your Top Community Members

The first, and most important feature of Commun.it is the ability to identify your top community members and get the chance to easily interact with them. When you log in to your dashboard, this is the first screen you see.

You can use the menu on the left to navigate between your influencers, supporters, and engaged members. As you click on the different lists, you will see the latest tweets by these people that you have not replied to. As a content creator, the majority of these tweets may be people’s shares of your content on Twitter. To keep people engaged with your business and sharing your content, you can use this stream to give people a quick thank you for tweeting your content.

As a business, the majority of these tweets may be people who are asking pre-sales questions or sending support inquiries. To keep your potential and current customers happy, you’ll want to respond to their tweets as soon as possible.

While this tool does a good job of filtering out the bots vs. the real people, you still might want to check why it labels certain members as valuable. You can do this by clicking on them in the middle column – their profile information will then be displayed in the next column.

This can give you some quick insight about people to determine whether you want to engage with them. In addition, whenever you click on someone or their tweet in Commun.it, you will see a history of your engagements with that user.

This can be helpful for two reasons. If you notice an uneven balance of engagements with you vs. engagements with them, and you know they are a valuable member of your community, you’ll know to start responding to them more often.

Also, if you have multiple people managing the same account of your business, you can easily use this to see past interactions from your Twitter account to theirs. This way, if multiple people have been working with someone on a customer service issue, each person will know what was offered and where things were left off when they continue. For teams with multiple social media managers, social media managers who also receive outside assistance from VA’s or consultants, or simply when one person covers for another while they are on vacation, this can be a very helpful feature.

Grow or Prune Your Twitter Community

Another helpful section within Commun.it is the Followers section. You’ll find multiple streams to help you connect with your community.

Here are the things you can do with these streams.

  • Consider to reply – See the latest interaction by important members of your community that you haven’t replied to yet.
  • Consider to re-engage – See top members of your community that you haven’t engaged with in awhile. Use this to keep your most valuable followers and customers.
  • Consider to follow – See a list of suggested people to follow based on common interests and interactions.
  • Consider to unfollow – See a list of suggested people to unfollow based on lack of interests and interactions.
  • New followers – Greet your newest followers to start building a strong relationship.
  • New unfollowers – See who has unfollowed you lately and whether or not you want to try to win them back.

This section can help ensure that you keep as many of your most valuable community members as possible through engagement, and show customers and brand supporters that you value their following of your business. It also helps you keep your own following count from being inflated by less valuable members of your community who do not engage with you.

Monitor Engagement

Unfortunately, not everyone who mentions your business or your website will do so with your @username in the tweet. This is where the monitor engagement section comes in handy. Here you can enter your website URL or business name to see Twitter mentions across the web that may or may not include your Twitter handle.

For content creators, this means you’ll see more of the people who tweet your posts without your Twitter handle. For businesses, this may unearth compliments or customer service issues from people who are just talking to their followers about you, but not specifically to you.

Find New Leads for Your Business

The next thing you can do is find more leads for your business using keyword searches. The key is to use the right keywords. For example, if just enter SEO consultant as your search, you’re not going to find people looking for a SEO consultant – you’re going to find people who are SEO consultants.

Instead, find people who are actually looking by adding search times like the following.

“we need SEO help”
“recommend a SEO consultant”
“would like to hire a SEO agency”

While these types of searches may not have a lot of results, the ones you do find should be spot on.

To Summarize…

Commun.it is a great tool for any business trying to get more results with less time spent on Twitter. This goes for businesses with one social media manager, a social media team, or with multiple Twitter handles to manage. You can use it to distinguish the top members in your community, keep track of engagements, manage your Twitter followers / following, monitor brand mentions, and discover new leads for your business.

What do you see as the most valuable feature of this tool? Please share in the comments.