How to Land Your Ideal Client Through Advertising, Content, and Social Media

Have you ever thought that instead of just anyone who happens across your website and fills in the lead form, you would like to land more specific clients instead. If you are looking to land any clients from a specific industry or a particular company as a client, you can help make it a reality…

Have you ever thought that instead of just anyone who happens across your website and fills in the lead form, you would like to land more specific clients instead. If you are looking to land any clients from a specific industry or a particular company as a client, you can help make it a reality through effective use of targeted content and social media marketing. Here are seven ways to land your ideal client through advertising, content, and social media.

Create Landing Pages for Ideal Client Industries

If you’re targeting a specific industry, or a particular client in a specific industry, your first objective should be to create landing pages for those industries. This way you can talk directly to your ideal client about how your products or services will benefit them specifically.

One great example of this that I found recently was from Shopify, the Ecommerce software solutions provider. I was in search of not just any shopping cart, but one that specifically could help my husband sell his fine art prints. So when I did a search for ecommerce software fine art prints, Shopify came up in the number one spot.

When I clicked through, the landing page is dedicated to artists and photographers like my husband. Everything down to the copy on the page is all aimed at artists.

Even the example stores shown are art-specific.

They also have other landing pages for their software aimed towards jewelry, handcrafts, eBooks, music, tshirts, wine, furniture, flowers, fashion, sporting goods, office supplies, and food. This goes to show that they took the time to determine their ideal customers and created targeted pages just for them.

And guess what? They work! Not only will they come up in search results when a potential client in your target industry is searching for solutions specific to them, but they come in handy if you are using the following content and social media marketing techniques to get your ideal client’s attention.

Target Ideal Clients with Advertising on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the top social network for professionals, so if you are looking for B2B clients, then LinkedIn Advertising is just what you need. They have the best targeting options when it comes to making sure your ideal clients find out about you. Their ad targeting options include location from specific countries to specific cities.

You can target your ad to specific companies by name, by industry, by size, or a combination.

You can even make sure the right person within an organization sees your ad by targeting it to people with a specific job title, function, and seniority.

As you can see, this is a powerful way to put your products and services in front of your ideal clients. Using targeted landing pages as mentioned above will help boost conversions when potential clients click on your ad.

Target Ideal Clients with Advertising on Facebook

While you don’t have as specific targeting options in Facebook Ads as you do with LinkedIn, you can still reach a potentially larger audience with them considering that Facebook now has one billion active users.

When you’re creating a Facebook ad, you have the option to target by location and precise or broad interests.

Under Connections, you can choose the Advanced connection targeting and select people who are (or not) connected your pages, apps, or events. You can also target people who are friends of those connected to your pages, apps, or events.

Last but not least, you can click on the Advanced Targeting Options. Here you will find the option to target people based on their workplace – the best way to make sure your ideal client sees your ad.

Again, be sure to use your targeted landing page as a destination URL for your ad to ensure the most conversions from your ideal clients.

Mention Ideal Clients in Lists

On the content front, there are a few great ways to get your ideal client’s attention. The first is to mention them in a list. There are many ways you can go about this, depending on your industry. If you want to work with clients in the finance industry, then you can try a list like 101 Finance People You have to Follow on Twitter. The nice part about lists like these is that you can share them on social networks and mention / tag the companies listed so they know they were included.

At the end of your list post, be sure to include a call to action that leads visitors to the post to your targeted landing page for that specific industry. This way you can convert visitors who come to see themselves on the list as well as other companies in the same industry looking for good examples. If you’re selling your products on Amazon without much success, kenjiroi.com offers affordable Amazon Listing Optimization Services that will be a huge difference-maker in your sales.

Use Ideal Clients as Examples

If you want to go beyond just listing your ideal client, then try using them in an example. Unbounce, a company offers landing page software, does a great job at this by creating lists like 25 Smart Landing Pages for Lead Generation and Your Landing Page Sucks! Here are 10 Examples That Don’t.

You can really go either way with using clients as good examples or bad examples. In the above mentioned posts, they note the things they like about the landing pages and the things they would change or test. Any company listed could easily come along, see how knowledgeable Unbounce is about landing pages, and then sign up for their software to see if they could improve their landing pages.

In these posts, again it’s important to include a call to action with your targeted landing page so that visitors can learn more about how your product or service can help them in their specific industry.

Show Interest in Your Idea Client by Engaging With Them

One of the easiest ways to get your ideal clients to notice you is to simply engage with them on social media. Answering questions they post on their Facebook walls, retweeting their blog posts often, and following their company page on LinkedIn are just a few ways to do this. Brand advocates may not just be seen as potential customers – they are also seen as potential vendors and services providers as well.

Find Communities Your Ideal Client Owns and Participate

Finally, if your ideal client has a community online such as a LinkedIn group, forum, blog, etc., then be sure to participate on it often. Clients like to know they are valued, and there is no better way to show how much you care about a business than by helping boost the traffic to their communities before they are even a client.

Your potential client will get to know you and your expertise better and also feel familiar with you by the time they are interested in purchasing your products or services. Having the targeted landing page ready to go when they start communicating with you is the best way to seal the deal as they will immediately see how familiar with their industry you are.

What are some other ways you can think of to make it easy for your ideal client to discover you? Please share in the comments!

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