How to Find Great Content Writers for Your Website

Need quality content on your website? Here are a few ways to find writers to create authoritative content for your business.

Do you want to have more content for your website and your outreach program, but you don’t know how to get it? There are several sources you can tap into to find content writers for your business. And we’re not talking about just any content, but writers that can create quality content. Here are some ways to find great content writers to help ensure your content well doesn’t run dry.

Look In-House First

There is nothing less motivational for your employees than for them to have a talent and see their management team look outside for someone with that talent. If you want someone who is enthusiastic about your business and can create great content, start by surveying your own company resources for writers who may want to take on a new role within your organization as a part of your corporate blogging or outreach team.

HubSpot is a great example of a company who uses their own inbound marketers as their regular content writers. These in-house marketers not only produce amazing content for the HubSpot blog, but they also represent HubSpot on their social media accounts when they share their content which means even more exposure for the company they work for on the top social networks.

Recruit With Content in Mind

Have a new role in your company that needs to be fulfilled? While you probably have specific qualifications that the potential applicant must meet, you can always throw in those “would be nice” qualifications and let those include writing / blogging experience. It may help you narrow down of applicants if you start with someone who not only fits the role but could also help your business develop more quality content for your website. The applicants with writing experience will probably share some of their previously published content with you – you can use this to determine just how much they know about your industry.

Find Freelancers Who Create the Content You Want

If you need to go the freelance route, you’ve likely seen lots of advice to try freelancing sites to find writers to create content. But you don’t want just any writer – you want someone who can write authoritative content for your industry. This means that for many industries, you are going to have to bypass the $15 an article writers and look for people with a proven track record of creating great content.

One great way to do this is to find sites that have authoritative content and see if any of the writers are freelancers. Google makes this easy – simply do a search for site:domain.com “freelance writer”, site:blog.domain.com “freelance writer”, site:domain.com/blog “freelance writer”. For sites with author pages, do a search for site:domain.com/author “freelance writer”. Then you’ll get the following results.

This helps you not only find potential freelance writers but also takes you straight to their writing portfolio. From there, you can even see how well their content is received based on social shares and comments. Just remember to compare apples to apples – writers on Mashable as a whole will have more engagement than on other smaller sites due to the site’s overall reach.

Another search you can do is for “freelance writer” portfolio topic. This should bring up portfolios of people with experience in writing for your industry on the topics you would like covered on your website.

Search on Social Media

If you’re looking to get great content and social engagement, you can find writers who also have a strong social media audience by searching networks like Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn using “freelance writer” plus keywords that fit the type of content you need. For example, you can use Followerwonk to search Twitter bios and see influence scores, following, and followers of potential freelance writing candidates.

A Google+ search can help you find freelancers and possibly links to their writing samples in their introduction as well as the “Contributor to” section of their bio like this one.

An advanced LinkedIn search will help you find freelance writers you may already have in your network. Just search freelance writer in the title field and then search for specific topics in the keywords field.

If you have the ability to browse their full profiles through your degree of connection or through a premium LinkedIn membership, you’ll also get to see their career experience and the topics for which they have received endorsements.

Try Social Advertising

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time searching, you could also place social advertisements. This way, instead of inviting everyone to apply, you could have ads only seen by freelance writers with specific interests on Facebook.

On LinkedIn, you could look for people who are freelance writers with specific skillsets.

While you might think the target audience looks relatively small, remember that the goal of an advertisement is to get the most targeted visitors back to a page on your site about your content creation needs, not just a ton of clicks from people who won’t fit your specified criteria.

Modify These Tips for More Than Just Written Content

If you want to expand your content beyond just text, just modify these tips for different types of content creation. Look for freelance designers to produce infographic content, video makers to produce YouTube content, and podcasters to create audio content. This way you can turn your website into the ultimate content hub for your industry for potential customers to flock to.

What other creative strategies have you used to find the perfect content creators for your business? Please share in the comments!