How to Contact Google

Use this directory to find the right place to contact Google for your specific issue.


Have you ever had a problem with a Google product, but didn’t know where to turn? If so, then you probably want to find an easy way to contact Google about it. In this post, we’re going to show you contact forms you can use and other specific ways to get support from Google for business tools.

Google+ Support

Having an issue with Google+? Here are some ways to contact Google about them.

You can also connect with others in the Google+ Community Forums. Discussion categories include troubleshooting Google+ problems, learning more bout Google+, suggesting new features, and feedback for various aspects of Google+ (pages, mobile, hangouts, and local).

Google Business Support

If you use Google+ Local (formerly Google Places) and have a question about your business listing, here are some ways to get help.

You can also connect with others in the Google and Your Business Community Forums. Discussion categories include need advice and technical issues.

Google AdWords Support

Google AdWords has several different contact options which can be found on this page. They include phone (worldwide), live chat, and email. You can also discuss your AdWords issues with the official Google AdWords Community where you can get answers from the AdWords team.

Google Analytics Support

Unless you’re ready to sign up for Google Analytics Premium, there are not as many options for contacting Google for support. This page talks about technical support access. You can also connect with others in the Google Analytics Community Forums. Discussion categories range from tracking and implementation issues to content experiments.

Webmaster Tools Support

Webmaster Tools Support includes important forms and instructions on how to contact Google about issues with your website.

  • Contact Google – For help with problems with the +1 button on your website.
  • Additional Support – Find out how to contact Google if your website was removed from search or has a warning because of malware, if you want a URL removed from Google index, to report spam, to report a copyright violation, to tell Google to crawl your site more slowly, or to tell Google that your content is being filtered by SafeSearch by mistake.
  • Rich Snippets Not Appearing – If you can’t get rich snippets to appear for your website, this form will let you inform Google about it.

You can also connect with others in the Webmaster Central Community Forums. Discussion categories include crawling & indexing to structured data & rich snippets.

YouTube Support

YouTube support mostly covers copyright issues, infringements, and other TOS violations. Here are forms and ways to report problems to Google.

You can also connect with others in the YouTube Community Forums. Discussion categories include playing & watching videos, uploading & managing videos, accounts setup, channel features, mobile, YouTube live, and YouTube for non-profits.

Gmail Support

If you use Gmail, then you have a few options to contact and troubleshoot issues with your account.

You can also connect with others in the Gmail Community Forums.

Google Chrome Support

If you use Google Chrome for your business, here are some ways to get help for it.

  • Report an Issue – This tells you how to report an issue using Chrome Tools.
  • Report Installation Problems – If you can’t install Google Chrome, this information will help developers in future updates.
  • Report a Broken Website – Let Google know when you hit a broken website.
  • Share Feedback – Let Google know what you like / dislike about Google Chrome.
  • Chrome Device Support – If you purchase a Google Chrome Device for Business and Education, you can call their toll-free number for support or open a support case on this page.

You can also connect with others in the Google Chrome Community Forums. Discussion categories include reporting issues, giving feedback and suggestions, and discussing tips, tricks, and how-to’s.

Miscellaneous Google Support

Looking for other ways to get help from Google? Try these forms and resources.

  • Google Support – The starting place for support for Google’s current products.
  • Google Help Forums – A complete list of communities built around Google products (including retired / soon-to-be retired products).
  • Contact Google About Search – This page gives you directions on how to send feedback about Google search. You can also connect with others in the Google Search Forum.
  • Google Offers Support – If you are having any issues with Google offers, you can use this form to talk to a specialist by phone.
  • Google Drive Support – This page gives you troubleshooting self-service options and an option to chat with a Google Drive specialist during normal business hours. You can also connect with others in the Google Drive Community Forums.
  • Removing Content From Google – This tool will guide you through the process of reporting content that you believe warrants removal from Google’s services based on applicable laws.

Have you ever contacted Google? What was your experience? Please share in the comments!

responses to “How to Contact Google”

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  2. Marissa Ryan says:

    SO helpful! Thanks!

  3. Terry Reeves says:

    Lately every great article I read has your smiling face at the bottom.

  4. Guest says:

    Awesome reference article.

  5. LD Puri says:

    Good reference for anyone working with any of those Google products. Thanks for putting it togeather!

  6. Doc Sheldon says:

    Awesome stuff, Kristi!
    Thanks for researching and sharing this, Finding ways to reach someone can be like searching for the Holy Grail – often fruitless. I see links in your future! 😉

  7. Chris Simmance says:

    Really useful list Kristi! Thanks for collating it all. I’m going to share this with everyone I work with. It’s never easy to get hold of them with an issue so this will help a lot!

  8. Pleasure to see you here, Kristi – great info, will definitely pass it to my readers.

  9. Gerald Weber says:


    For Adwords support you can also call 1-866-2Google

    You can talk to a real live person. Wow!

    I’ve bookmarked your post. Thanks for the valuable resource. This will definitely come in handy. (Geez that sure sounded like something you’d hear in a spam comment)

  10. Daphne Anthony says:

    How can I reset the password when I don’t recall when acct started? I mainly use it on my smart phone and problem accessing gmail not noticed until after I had gone to the AT&T provider store with problem on volume gone on voicemail. The guy tried to tell me, well, its your volume buttons, because your volume is off. I told him that wasn’t it and I think he messed with the email and it wasn’t protected and this was last day, Apr. 27, that I have gotten messages on the email acct.

  11. lisa allan says:

    I would appreciate some help. I cant get my date of birth year changed on my profile page so they keep declining me. I know how to edit and change it, however the result wont save so it cant be changed. I have no idea how to get in touch with them

  12. Corrin Riley says:

    They need to learn to provide an email address so we can contact about an issue that is not in their forums.

  13. Teresa Brown says:

    This is great. But did you know that YouTube is having issues with some people not being able to log into their accounts? I’m one of them and it’s so frustrating. I have had a ticket number for some time now with nothing being done. They said other people were having the same problem and they had their tech’s working on it. It’s been awhile with no fixes. You’d think with all of their brainiac technicians they could have solved this problem by now.

    All these contact resources are great though and I’m definitely bookmarking this page. Thanks!!!

  14. Rick says:

    Great resource to have handy! Many thanks for putting it together.

  15. kizi says:

    i will share to my facebook. thanks

  16. Jennifer Stewart says:

    This is all very well, but Google only gives you the option to complain about what they’re okay with you complaining about. If you’ve got a complaint that doesn’t fit into any of these categories it’s too $%#$^!! bad. Gmail has recently introduced filing which I don’t like and I didn’t choose and I don’t want. Is there anything I can do about it?

    I think it’s horrifying that Google makes it SO HARD to get hold of them for general complaints. With all their wealth and power they can’t set up a complaints division 24 hours? It illustrates the truth of this megalomaniac company.

    How hard would it have been for them to give gmail clients the option of this filing system? Not hard at all. I presume they don’t want us to have the option because they’ve developed algorithms that make it easier for them to access our info which they can then utilize for advertising purposes.

    When people or companies control you and don’t give you options, there’s never a good reason.

  17. letstalkcandidly says:

    Google has an absolutely atrocious corporate attitude. Google is like all of the other “protected” big media gaints. They can deal with you but you can’t deal with them. I tried finding a way to email them with a comment on how they deal with certain searches and, as stated, my “discussion” is pre-filtered – only way to contact them is in one of their prescribed categories. I need to change my search default today. I often use Ixquick, which is very good.

  18. Doug Greenfield says:

    Is there not an issue with Google Wallet when suddenly you find that you have an account that you never had before… Not only that but they already have all your visa information! Theres something wrong here folks.. if this is not a security issue … I don’t know what is.

  19. Richard Bartels says:

    Please don’t shut down Igoogle. It is very user intuitive and a great way to see news headlines. I think this will be a big mistake!

  20. Spook SEO says:

    Hi Kristi,

    I have used most of the Google support and I observed that not all of them are quite responsive to my problems involving YouTube and Google +. When these two were integrated, I experienced a lot of tormenting problems like not able to post a comment on Youtube. Sometimes, the page just keeps on loading. It’s really annoying. Anyway, I’m thankful you provided some of the support system that I still haven’t used. Thanks a lot!

  21. Teresa Brown says:

    I have the same problem as the fellow below me. I can no longer post a comment on YouTube nor gain access to my own YouTube account to post video’s. Everything was fine until YouTube and Google united. None of the contact options above seem to fit my problem. Can you help?

  22. ali says:

    hi how can i share my idea to google?

  23. Caz says:

    Hi, I am going mad here trying to contact Google. Everywhere sends me back to their help/ support page which has no way of contacting them. I am trying to fill out a right to be forgotten request ( no trouble finding it or filling it out) However when I try to upload a photo as ID I get a json. error The file then doesn’t upload. I have tried saving as both a JPEG and Word document. There is no email or contact to ask about this error. I do not live in the US so the toll number is no good. Any help out there ? I did try google ing to see if anyone else had this problem but haven’t found anything. Thanks

  24. FascinatingVision . says:

    Hello Supervisor(s), Manager(s) and to all that it may concern at Google/YouTube. I have a YouTube channel called: FascinatingVision. I am contacting you people at Google/YouTube to tell you people that you people WRONGFULLY deleted my video called: (REQUESTED) Panties and Upskirts from Dead or Alive 4 with Hunter: The Reckoning Trailer! There is no Sex and/or Nudity in that video of mine.

    You people at Google/YouTube support Same-Sex Marriage/Gay Marriage which automatically means that you people at Google/YouTube DOES support Sex and Nudity. Supporting Same-Sex Marriage/Gay Marriage means that you people at Google/YouTube DOES support Nudity, Lesbian Sex and Gay Sex. Please reinstate my video called: (REQUESTED) Panties and Upskirts from Dead or Alive 4 with Hunter: The Reckoning Trailer! that was WRONGFULLY deleted.

  25. Al Hammoud says:

    I wish Google Earth had historical maps built into it. Perhaps it would be awesome to see where about’s old civilizations lived. There are websites that show the changes of political landscapes and ancient cities, but what about the geographical map of receded sea levels back to the last ice age. Or even show the tectonic plates forming back together. Notes on archaeological findings can be added with hyperlinks to an encyclopedia website. This would be amazing to research tool for educational purposes.

  26. I C Black Racists says:

    Your search – I have not been in business for 2.5 years and you will not remove “bill’s Airboat Adventures, Inc.” from your website. You Insist I must have a password. I don’t ever recall having a password and had been in business 17 years. your company is unreachable and a bunch of assholes! –

  27. Aaron jacks says:

    I have spent hundreds of dollars in the Google play store. I have so many books I have paid for. And now Google is stealing them from me. I added a prepaid netspend card to my account and unfortunately it was a temporary card when they sent me the new card I added it. And now my account is suspended. Because they can’t authorize anything on the temporary card. So they are telling me I need to either send a picture of the card with that last 4 digits or I email or fax a statement with the last 4 digits and my name otherwise my account is completely done. All I want to do is cancel all of my payment options. They won’t let me do that. The Google rep is telling me that it is up to the Google specialists but I don’t have any way of getting a hold of them. I’m curious as to why they are there. If they can’t help me. I am more than pissed. This is not right or fair. I’ve been a Google customer for over 10 years. And I’ve given them 100s and 100s of dollars. Just To be treated like this. Does anyone know of a lawyer so I can sue