How Google Authorship will Continue to Change the Search Paradigm: Slideshow

2014 is shaping up to be the year of significant adoption and impact of Google Authorship. This slideshow explores how bi-directional content verification is positioned to transform the world of search.

Google+ has turned the corner on its social network status and is being seen more clearly for what it is: an identity platform that can serve Google in many ways. Via Google+ authors can verify their contributions to a specific publishing domain and publishers can use the “rel=author” tag to link to the author’s Google+ profile thereby confirming from their end who wrote the piece. The two sides match up resulting in bi-directional verification that an article was indeed authored by a specific person. So what? Google can now decipher the ‘who’ behind content, and this sets us up for a transformational moment in the organic search paradigm.

What’s your take on Google Authorship and its impact on search?

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