Get Your Business Analytics Fix in One Dashboard

Tired of going back and forth between Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Salesforce, and other applications? Find out what tool brings your data together.

guest post graphicThere are several types of analytics junkies out there. Those that have one business and scour all of the data relevant to it – website traffic, Facebook Insights, email open rates, Twitter followers, etc. Those that have multiple businesses. Those with multiple clients whose data they have to monitor in addition to their own. Even if you just have one business to manage, going to see all of the relevant metrics for it can be time consuming. Think about it – the different sites, logins, navigating from one report to the next. It can be a hassle!

Fortunately, there is a tool that can help all three types of people spend less time getting to their analytics and more time actually analyzing it. Cyfe is an all-in-one business analytics dashboard that puts what you need to know in one place.

How It Works

Cyfe is an online application that organizes your data using dashboards and widgets. You can have an unlimited number of widgets on one dashboard, and an unlimited number of dashboards in your account. Pricing is $19 per month, or $14 per month if you pay annually.

Setting up Cyfe is simple. Once you’ve created an account, you can click on the icons at the top of the dashboard to create a new widget or dashboard.

When you add a new widget, you will have 44 to choose from, not counting custom widgets that you can create with your own Excel CSV data from any program.

Depending on your monitor size, you can see four or more widgets at a time on one screen. Be sure to use the Widget Title option to rename each of your widgets so they are easy to identify as you are browsing your dashboard.

Similarly to Google Analytics, you can change the date range at the top of your dashboard to view all of the widget data within the range specified. This can help you quickly view data for 7 days, 30 days, the previous month, the previous year, or a custom timeframe.

While you can’t get everything from each of the sources, you can get enough to stay on top of your business (and your competitors) on a day to day basis.

Using Cyfe to Monitor Your Business

Now, let’s dig into the most valuable data you can connect to with Cyfe to monitor your business analytics.


If you use Google AdWords to advertise your business, you can setup dashboards for each of your ad campaigns to see an overview or individual stats like cost, impressions, clicks, and conversions.

This can help you monitor different AdWords campaigns simultaneously on one screen to see the performance of each, or monitor the details for one campaign.

You can also create widgets for Google AdSense (if you publish Google ads on your website to make money) and Google DoubleClick for Publishers.


WordPress blog owners (self-hosted on their own domain) can get a quick overview of their posts and comments for a specific date range by installing a free plugin on their blog and using the WordPress widgets in Cyfe.

This can be especially helpful for anyone, bloggers and businesses alike, who run multiple blogs.


Email marketers can connect accounts from Aweber, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, MailChimp, and SendGrid to Cyfe and see data (based on the provider) on list growth and individual emails (number sent, opened, clicked, and unsubscribed).

As an added bonus, you can even add widgets for your Gmail inbox. This one should be especially helpful for marketers who have multiple Gmail addresses for link building.

Sales & Finance

Want to see a snapshot of your current Paypal balance or invoices from FreshBooks? You can with the Sales & Finance widgets.

If you use Salesforce, you can add widgets to get an overview of your leads, accounts, sales, and more.


How would you like to track your current Moz stats such as backlinks, MozRank, Page Authority, and Domain Authority? You can using the SEOmoz widget.

You can also use the SERPs widget to see current rankings for any combination of keywords / domains.

Social Media

Want a quick snapshot of your social media stats? Cyfe offers widgets for Facebook Page insights, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Klout, Pinterest, and YouTube.

The Twitter widget is especially robust with the option to not only see an overview of general stats, but also the ability to see number of times listed, mentions, and influencers.

You can also use Twitter and Google+ search widgets to monitor mentions of your brand, website, keywords, and hashtags.

Web Analytics

Last, but certainly not least, is the web analytics section. You can create a dashboard with a variety of analytics sources: Alexa, Chartbeat, Compete, Google Analytics, GoSquared, and Quantcast.

The Google Analytics widget offers the most amount of metrics – audience, traffic sources, content, events, conversions, and ecommerce. Plus you can grab data from your custom segments.

You can also add in Google Webmaster Tools from the SEO widgets section to keep an eye on unread messages from Google, crawl errors, and indexed URLs.

Using Cyfe to Monitor Competitors

While you can’t grab your competitor’s Google Analytics and other private data, you can still create a quick dashboard to monitor your competitor’s basic online presence. Here are some good widgets you can use to create a dashboard to monitor your competitors:

  • Compare your website’s Alexa ranking against competitors to get an idea of which sites get the most / least traffic.
  • Compare SEO data (backlinks, MozRank, authority, and rankings) using the SEOmoz and SERPs widgets.
  • Compare your Twitter stats against competitors.

If you need a more robust competitor research tool, don’t miss our earlier post on Rival IQ.

Ways to Organize Your Cyfe Dashboard

Not sure how to organize your data? Here are a few ideas based on your business structure.

Monitoring One Business

Create one dashboard with the main metrics you want to track on a daily basis. Think of it as “If I could only see 4 – 6 metrics each day, what would they be?” Put those widgets on your first dashboard. Then organize the rest by type – website analytics, social, blogging, email, etc.

Monitoring Multiple Businesses

Here, you have two options. You could put all of your analytics for each business on one dashboard. This way, you could compare all of your website traffic, social followers, blog comments, email opens, etc. in one place.

Alternatively, you could create a dashboard for each business. Then, each dashboard would have all of the main metrics for a business. Order the widgets similarly (website traffic first, Facebook Insights second, email opens third, and so forth) so you can glance through each business with consistency.

Monitoring Multiple Clients

For multiple clients, you definitely want to have a dashboard for each client, that way when you’re talking to them on the phone, you don’t have another client’s data in the way. You can even add a time clock to each client’s dashboard to see their local time. Plus, you can share a dashboard URL with your client to give them access to a visualization of their data too.

Agencies might also want to go with additional dashboards to monitor trends in like industries. If you notice most of your higher education clients have a traffic spike around the time when students are registering for classes, but one client doesn’t, it could signal you to a problem. Or, if you notice one client has an unusually high volume of Facebook engagement over the others, that also could signal you to something awry unless they happen to have a special promotion going on.

In Conclusion

As you can see, Cyfe is a great tool when it comes to monitoring your business, your clients, and even your competitors. Use it to save time, whether you have one website or a dozen. If you need more technology, like Business Analytics, to propel your business to greater heights especially during these trying times, you can trust sites like lvlup.org, for instance.

What do you see as the most useful feature for your business? Please share in the comments!

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