Decking Out The Halls

The NY office visits Arizona for some holiday cheer.

The phrase “banner year” simply doesn’t do justice to iAcquire’s 2011. The addition of a New York City office was just one of the many milestones the last year brought to the ever-growing iAcquire family.  What better time than the holidays for a nice family get-together?  The New York office had no problem with this logic when it was flown into Phoenix the second weekend of December for the first ever company-wide holiday extravaganza.

Upon arrival, the New Yorkers were treated to some of the swankiest accommodations the Phoenix-Scottsdale area had to offer. The quick-talking Yanks learned early on that “Southwestern Hospitality” is the new Southern Hospitality when they were immediately welcomed into the newly renovated state-of-the-art Scottsdale headquarters. The foundation was laid for what would be an unforgettable weekend, as bi-coastal collaborators finally got the chance to meet (and party) face-to-face.  On Friday, some of the iAcquire faithful pre-gamed over a friendly round of golf, while others explored the beautiful surroundings before prepping for the soiree of the year.

The real fun kicked off on Friday night, when the entire iAcquire family (along with wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, and significant others) reconvened at the extravagant El Chorro Lodge. The beer flowed like wine, and spirits were as high as the Arizona mid-day sun. Bocce ball, a gift exchange, and the traditional iAcquire push-up contest were just some of the activities that took place as the company literally shut down the bar in the wee hours of the night. Check out the iAcquire Facebook page for a peek of some of the action.

The holiday party exemplifies the “work hard, play hard” mantra that iAcquire exudes. 2011 was a fantastic year because of the hard-working, smart people our company prides itself on. And the truth is, we are just getting started. We are always looking for like-minded brilliant people who are ready to get their hands dirty. Check out our careers page to see if you would make a great addition to the growing iAcquire family.

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