The Ultimate Chalk Talk on Personal Branding: Video

Google+ expert Martin Shervington and content marketing strategist Barry Feldman talk personal branding.

Personal Branding: AuthenticityWant to learn how to develop a powerful personal branding platform?

I came to the conclusion my clients certainly do. The calls kept coming: clients with all kinds of questions about how to build a personal brand to promote themselves and forward their careers with new media tools.

I thought though that I’ve been a personal brand-builder my entire career, and I wondered which parts of the process were deliberate. Which were accelerated by new media? Did I know enough to give a concise lesson on this important topic that’s proven vital to so many career-minded people from all across the professional spectrum?

I decided to do a deep dive on personal branding.

I bought books on the subject. I began subscribing to the leading blogs from leaders in the space including Dan Schawbel, William Aruda and Michael Hyatt.

Then, at the NMX conference in early 2014, I heard Hyatt lead a session on the subject where he covered five fundamental steps for developing a personal brand. I summarized his personal branding tips in a post and added six more ideas I felt were useful and important.

Shortly after, an A-to-Z list poured out of me. I created the most viral piece of content in my career, an infographic titled, “The Complete A to Z Guide to Personal Branding.” I also repurposed the infographic into a SlideShare.

Then the call came from marketing leader, Google+ expert and founder of Plus Your Business, Martin Shervington (who also contributes to the iAcquire blog). Martin had me on a Google+ Hangout and asked me to speak to each one of my 26 tips.

The Hangout was cast live on Google+ and YouTube and drew a tremendous audience and heaps of positive feedback and comments, both during and after the program. So, with Martin’s blessing, we decided to share it with you here.

If the topic interests you, I highly recommend you invest an hour to check out the many valuable tips delivered in the interview. You might follow along by clicking through the slide deck above (unless you’d rather look at me and Martin).

Highlights from the interview

  • Eight benefits of a powerful personal brand including building mindshare in your niche.
  • Why you need to understand how your personal brand now traces to the things you do online.
  • The ABCs: delivering uncompromising authenticity, blogging and creating content across new media channels.
  • Email lists: the secret tactic not enough people are taking advantage of.
  • Martin created some cool graphics to highlight some of the points I make in the video including this one:

personal branding

  • Tips for getting started and building relationships by focusing on influencer marketing.
  • Numerous tips for creating the all-important personal brand slogan.
  • How inspecting your T-shirt drawer helps you develop your voice.
  • XYZ: why you need to eXamine key metrics, use “You,” and attack your personal brand with Zeal.

Personal Branding: Zeal

If you have any questions about personal branding and the material covered in the graphic, slide deck and video, please ask them here.

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  1. Personal branding drives our marketing campaign, and boosts our trust factor. Key topic Barry, thanks!