R.I.P. Blog: A Frightening Tale

A haunting infographic honoring the memory of our lost friend, the web log.

IBM research reports that 77 percent of all businesses have a blog and yet 85 percent of those have five or fewer posts.

That’s just sad.

Your blog is the content destination of your brand voice and is central to lead generation and creating conversations with your audience. And yet when neglected—as it often is—the enterprise blog can turn into a hairy, scary monster. Or worse, it can dig its own grave.

How do you avoid the untimely demise of your blog? Barry Feldman of Feldman Creative teamed up with ClearVoice to create this haunting infographic. He points a foreboding finger at why this blog’s life was cut short. Heed his warning and don’t let this happen to you.

eulogy for a blog

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responses to “R.I.P. Blog: A Frightening Tale”

  1. Gary Victory says:

    85% of businesses have 5 blogs or less, wow! Blog content should be the core for “outreach” to help build sustainable relationships. I guess many “smaller” business don’t necessarily see it’s long term impact, especially as it’s almost impossible to measure ROI. Nice post Lisa.

  2. These are some amazing stats. I’m curious to see if there is any benefit by having multiple blogs for one company. I agree with Gary that Blog content should be a core to “outreaching”, so would it make sense that the more (as long as they are quality) the better?