5 Services to Use to Get Media Attention for Your Business

Want to get exposure (and some juicy backlinks) from major media outlets? Try these five services to become an expert source for journalists!

Would you like to have great opportunities that could lead to massive exposure for your business (plus some juicy back links) to come to you? If so, then you need to become a source for journalists. Becoming a source simply means that you will be on the lookout for chances to give your expert opinions to journalists who are working on a story. The best part is the fact that the leads can be delivered to your inbox. The following are five services that help you connect to journalists for the chance to be featured on top media outlets.

If you are a journalist or blogger, then you might also want to check out these services to get sources / experts for your content. All of them have a sign up for both sources and journalists, with journalists getting access for free.


Help a Reporter Out is one of the top free services for businesses and experts who want to become sources. Journalists from top media outlets like Fox, ABC, Gannett, AP, and Huffington Post use their service to find sources for their stories.

When you sign up for a free HARO account as a source, you can choose to receive inquiries from journalists on topics related to business and finance, high tech, lifestyle and fitness, and travel. You can also sign up for the Master HARO category that includes everything.

Inquiries are delivered in a digest style email three times per day. The following is a sample of the digest index.


You can click on a story that fits your business to find additional details about what the journalist needs and how to submit your response.

Muck Rack


Muck Rack is a premium service that connects PR pros and marketers to journalists and bloggers. It goes beyond just delivering opportunities to your inbox by allowing you to seek out journalists and bloggers by beat, outlet, media type, or custom queries. You can also create alerts to see when journalists mention your business so you can pitch them at the right time, create media lists for outreach campaigns, measure the results of your campaigns, and get priority support from outreach experts.

Pricing for Muck Rack Pro starts at $99 for 1 user, 3 media lists, and 3 alerts. You can find this package by clicking on the smaller link beneath the Standard and Advanced pricing packages.

You can also subscribe to the Muck Rack Daily, a free digest of top tweets from journalists delivered to your inbox daily. If you’re not ready for a pro plan, this can at least help you start connecting to the right people online.


ProfNet is a premium service that connects experts to journalists and bloggers. They also note that it’s not just journalists and bloggers who are looking for expert sources, but also government officials, academic researchers, publishers, and more. For businesses looking for new ways to build quality links, this means the opportunity to get mentions on .gov and .edu sites along with notable media outlets.

Sources will receive email queries from professionals looking for sources. They will also have the ability to create expert profiles to link to press releases submitted to the top media outlets.

Before subscribing to ProfNet, you will receive a free trial of their service that includes a kickoff demo. After your free trial, you will find out the fee, which is based on the number of users who need access, type of organization, and industries you want to receive leads from. To give you an idea on price, one organization noted that it was $1,650 annually for access to a single industry or $3,700 for access to all industries.

If you’re not ready for the premium membership, you have two other options. You can register for the free ProfNet Connect Community to connect with journalists and bloggers in a forum-like environment. You can also follow ProfNet on Twitter where they publish urgent queries from journalists that need sources.


Source Bottle

SourceBottle is another HARO-like network where you can sign up for free as a source or a journalist. Sources will receive regular emails based on the opportunities available for the topics they choose. There are over 30 topics to choose from in agriculture to travel.


You can also choose to only receive queries from specific countries – Australia, New Zealand, UK, Canada, and the United States. As an added bonus, you can preview the types of queries you would receive by viewing the free publicity opportunities page, organized by industry.

Media Kitty

Media Kitty, active since 2001, unites over 9,000 journalists to PR professionals, sources, and experts. Sources have to pay a subscription fee of $89.95 yearly. It’s a great platform for businesses in the tourism and lifestyle industries to connect with journalists who will need sources specifically for topics revolving around travel.

Unlike most online services, Media Kitty takes up to seven days to approve your application for membership, as a source or a journalist. Keep this in mind for when you are ready to start connecting with their selection of journalists.

Alternative Tools

What if you don’t want to sit back and wait for journalists and bloggers to send out queries to get your news out? Then you might want to look into PitchBox and GroupHigh. Both allow you to seek out bloggers and journalists to connect with in the right niches and help you manage your outreach campaigns.

Based on the pricing, Pitchbox is the better fit for smaller businesses, starting at $150 per month. GroupHigh is geared for large agencies and brands, with pricing starting at $5,000 annually as last noted on Convince & Convert

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  2. MikeMeisner says:

    Thanks for sharing Kristi. I am familiar with Muck Rack and HARO, but not some of these others. Media Kitty seems like a great one to check out, considering I work with a lot of wineries that have a solid connection with the tourism/travel/lifestyle industries.

  3. Ryan Rhoades says:

    Thanks for the heads up 🙂

  4. This is a good article. One way I noticed to get good media attention is to brand your company in a certain positive light by expanding what it is your company does. For example, doing group charity events and food drives help build an image that markets well, and you’re helping people at the same time. Here’s an article that sort of talks about branding and charity events as part of your overall business strategy: bit.ly/1DXK58p

    Great article, good work!