5 Effective but Lesser Used Content Marketing Tactics

If you first glance through the following headers, you might think “these are pretty obvious.” But in my experience, there are a lot of businesses who do not take advantage of these simple and effective tactics when it comes to their content marketing. The result of not doing so is not fully taking advantage of…

If you first glance through the following headers, you might think “these are pretty obvious.” But in my experience, there are a lot of businesses who do not take advantage of these simple and effective tactics when it comes to their content marketing. The result of not doing so is not fully taking advantage of the potential benefits content marketing has to offer. So don’t just brush off these five tactics – make sure you are actually doing them!

Find Real Examples of Content Strategies & Plans

Do you need a content plan or strategy, but no matter how much you read about how to create a plan, you just can’t seem to make one on your own? Then get some ideas from real life examples. Try these searches on Google: “content plan” filetype:pdf and “content strategy” filetype:pdf.


What you will find are two things – freebie eBooks or reports about how to create content plans and strategies as well as actual content plans and strategies from other blogs and businesses who post them online for others to reference. You can modify the search to include particular keywords from your industry or try different document filetypes such as doc, docx, and odt.

This also goes for editorial calendars – just try “editorial calendar” filetype:xls or “editorial calendar” filetype:xlsx. You’ll find both samples and real examples. Add keywords like blog and social media to narrow the results down to editorials for specific media types.

Fully Promote Your Content

As a freelance writer, I’m sometimes surprised by how little some businesses actually promote their own content beyond a tweet and maybe a share on their Facebook wall. And this is after they say how they hope something will “become viral.”

Depending on the type of content you are publishing, there are so many different ways to promote it for increased exposure including the following.


  • Sharing content as a status update on all of your social channels including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.
  • Sharing content in relevant groups on Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Sharing content as answers to relevant questions on LinkedIn Answers, Quora, and Focus.
  • Sharing content via email to your mailing list.
  • Sharing content through targeted blogger outreach.

Obviously you wouldn’t take all of these promotional steps for every single blog post you publish. But if there are a few that you would like to receive critical mass traffic, then you should promote them according to the results you would like to achieve. This is especially true when it comes to special pieces of content such as free eBooks, whitepapers, and infographics.

Update Your Most Popular Content

Did you have a hit blog post from a year or two ago that generated a ton of traffic or a video that received tons of views? Why not capitalize on them again? Chances are, there is some way you can update it. Take a post entitled “How to Use Twitter Effectively” – this could easily be turned into “How to Use Twitter Effectively – The 2012 Edition” or “How to Use Twitter Effectively – An Updated Guide.”

Thankfully (when it comes to content), most things change. Technology changes, fashion changes, marketing changes, health advice changes… so no matter what your industry, you’ll likely have some content that could use a reboot each and every year.

To figure out which pieces of content could benefit from a reboot, just peek into your Google Analytics under Content > Site Content > All Pages. Change the date range to show data for the last year (or two), and then look at your most visited pieces of content.


I would bet that at least one out of ten of those items would be perfect for updating!

Repurpose Your Content Into Other Formats

What if you don’t want to wait around for another year to pass to capitalize on a hot topic? Then repurposing content on that topic could be the answer. For example, you can take a blog post and convert it into a slideshow, video, infographic, and even a podcast. You can transcribe a video or podcast and turn it into a blog post or infographic. You can take a lot of information from an infographic and turn it into a blog post or webinar. You can take a series of blog posts and turn them into an eBook. The possible repurposing opportunities are really endless.


The Content Grid by Eloqua

The best part? If you take popular content in one form (such as a blog post) and turn it into multiple other forms (such as an infographic, video, eBook, and podcast), you will get a lot more different opportunities to promote that piece of content. Infographics can be spread out to infographic directories and blogs, videos can be spread out to lots of different video marketing networks, eBooks can be distributed through different sales platforms (depending on whether you are charging for them or not), and podcasts can be shared on a variety of channels. So you not only get the benefit of distributing the content to a larger number of sources, but you also get the benefit of reaching a wider audience with the increased exposure.

Measure the Results of Your Content

Earlier, I mentioned Google Analytics to find your most popular content. You should actually rely on your analytics to help you identify the most successful pieces of content on your website on an ongoing basis. If you publish a lot of content offsite, then refer to your traffic sources to see which content is bringing in a lot of incoming traffic. You can also use a single platform to go about all your content marketing strategies, and read the Kartra review to find such a platform. You will see how you can easily go about your tasks.


If you aren’t paying attention to your analytics, then you could be putting a lot of effort into something that may not necessarily be working. Your analytics might give you the answer to whether you should be focusing on video content vs. blog content, guest posts vs. infographics, and a lot of other content options. Ultimately, this could be difference to having a successful content marketing campaign to having one that you put a lot of effort into without proportionate results.

What other content marketing tactics or tips do you feel are easy to implement and bring great results? Please share in the comments!

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