31 Types of Content for Every Day of the Month

There are no excuses for repeating the same types of content over and over. Read through these 31 ideas to create fresh content for every day on your calendar.

Before you jump to making an editorial calendar, you’ll want a broader overview of what your content schedule will look like. Get prepared to answer two key questions: when to post and what to post.

When to Post

Start by setting goals that you want to achieve on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis.


What kind of progress do you want to see when the month is through? A gain of a certain number of followers? A more cohesive message and tone? Think about how frequently you will need to post to achieve this goal. Additionally, have a big picture in mind so that you have four awesome weeks of content, not three epic posts to start off followed by filler posts until next month.

You should also consider if there is anything you want to add to your content strategy on a strictly monthly basis. This can include an e-newsletter, a wrap-up post of progress for the month, or a list of best content or client work from the past month. Try to find one element that you can make your own and deliver consistently at the start or end of each month.